Lindt Chocolates At Christmas Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

Two of my favourite things are Christmas and chocolate, so when I was asked to review some Lindt chocolate products as potential Christmas gifts I couldn’t resist.

The Lindt brand is synonymous with high quality chocolate, and is very often on our Christmas shopping list to give to friends and family anyway, so I was excited to try some new products.

The Lindt & Sprüngli brand, to give its full name, has a long history having started back in 1845 when David Sprüngli opened a small confectionary shop in Zurich and has grown since then. The Lindt Master chocolatiers now create a wide range of products which are sold across the world.

The Lindor chocolate truffles are probably the best-known Lindt chocolates and account for over 50% of their sales. I was surprised to read that they were first made back in 1949 when they were said to make chocolate taste like liquid gold, hence the name Lind-OR (Or meaning gold) and their recipe is a closely guarded secret! Lindor truffles come in a wide range of different flavours and for me they instantly conjure up thoughts of Christmas.

Firstly, we were sent a Lindor Mini Advent Calendar (109g) which retails at £4.00. This contains 24 mini Lindor milk chocolate truffles and is decorated in the traditional Lindor red, white and gold colour scheme, with snowflakes. This advent calendar is fairly small and reasonably priced and would make a lovely pre-Christmas gift for anyone, or even for yourself. It has a handy fold down stand at the back so will stand really nicely on a desk or shelf. I was slightly disappointed however that there were no pictures behind the windows of the advent calendar, just plain cardboard. This could definitely be improved.

Next was a 200g box of Lindor Double Chocolate Truffles which retails at £4.99 (or less if you buy multiple boxes). These are a new addition to the Lindor collection and have the usual milk chocolate shell and melting filling, but with an additional drop of dark chocolate which made them really indulgent. I really enjoyed these and will definitely be adding them to the Lindor shopping list for Christmas this year.

Finally, we were sent a 145g sharing bag of Teddy chocolates which retail at £3.00. These are a selection of mini, individually wrapped, chocolates in three different flavours – milk, hazelnut and double milk. The wrappers have pictures of Lindt teddies on them, but apart from that I wasn’t quite sure where the teddy name came from, and was slightly disappointed as I was expecting teddy shaped chocolates! But that aside, they were nice chocolates that didn’t hang around long once my children found them. These would make a really nice stocking filler for children as they are really attractively packaged and look very Christmassy.

We really enjoyed trying out the different Lindt products and no doubt some of these will feature on our Christmas shopping list as gifts for friends and family. There is a very handy Christmas section on the Lindt website with lots of products to choose from, and there is even free delivery if you spend over £50.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £3.00 – £4.99 depending on item

This product can be purchased from Lindt here.

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