Haribo Countdown to Halloween Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

With the evenings drawing in and Halloween fast approaching, the team at Haribo have pushed the boat out with their Halloween offerings this year. My kids love Haribo at any time of the year, so when we were asked to review some Haribo products especially for Halloween we jumped at the chance.

When the postman arrived on our doorstep a few days later with a sizeable cardboard box we couldn’t wait to see what was inside. Upon opening the outer packaging, we were greeted with a large and brightly coloured box, which forms part of the Haribo Halloween Countdown, we excitedly opened the lid of the box and were amazed when it started playing creepy music (I have to confess it made me jump a little!). Inside the box, nestled under a layer of cobwebs and plastic spiders, was an amazing selection of Haribo sweets and also some extra props to help us to prepare for Halloween:

• Chamallows 140g
• Trick or Treat Multipack 10 pack
• Haribo Share the Happy Multipack 11 Pack
• Scaremix Share Size (Halloween Edition) 160g
• TangfastTricks Share Size (Halloween Edition) 160g

Along with some Snazaroo face paint sticks, some spiderweb baking cases, some black icing and a glittery pumpkin.

#TeamHalloween really have thought of everything and in addition to the exciting box of tricks we received, the Haribo website also has a new Halloween section with 13 days of fun activities, tips and tricks to try in the build-up to 31st October. We’re definitely going to be trying some of them out.

It didn’t take long for the kids to start to tuck into the various Haribo products in the box and they were excited to see that some of their usual favourites have had a creepy makeover especially for Halloween in the form of Halloween Edition Packs.

The Scaremix Halloween Edition now contains dracula rings, boo bears, monster eyeballs, witches brew and vampire hearts which are different coloured and flavoured versions of the usual sweets to be found in the more traditional Starmix.

The Tangfastic Halloween Edition (or as it is now known TangfasTRICK) now has an added trick or treat element as, whilst most of the sweets are the usual tangy sweets we know and love, some of them are super sour even though they all look the same, so there is now an added element of risk involved in eating them. The kids really liked this and weren’t at all phased about getting a super sour sweet, in fact they were disappointed when they didn’t.

The multipack of mini bags has also had a Halloween makeover and are now called Trick or Treat with Halloween inspired sweets and packaging, think mini pumpkins, bats, frogs and spiders to name a few. These will be absolutely perfect to give to any trick or treaters that come calling on Halloween.

Alongside the special Halloween editions there were also the usual favourites Chamallows (Haribo’s version of marshmallows) which are perfect for toasting on bonfires or barbecues, or dipping in a chocolate fountain. As well as a Share the Happy multipack (x11 bags) including all of the usual Haribo favourites of Supermix, Starmix, Giant Strawbs and Tangfastics. I was pleased to see that the multipack now includes Giant Strawbs Gone Mini which are suitable for vegetarians so everyone is catered for by this bag (Some Haribo products contains gelatine which is not suitable for vegetarians).

We’ve really enjoyed trying out the different Haribo sweets this week and would highly recommend them as an essential addition to any Halloween celebration!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: 90p – £1.00 depending on the item

These products can be purchased from ASDA here.

The full range can be viewed here.


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