STM Bags Linear Laptop Shoulder Bag Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Having recently just purchased a new hybrid laptop/tablet computer I have been looking for a carry bag for it and so far haven’t seen anything that I like, until now.

I was asked to review the STM Linear Laptop Shoulder Bag from that fits most laptops with up to a 13” screen so was the perfect opportunity to try a laptop bag that I hadn’t looked at before and maybe help me decide what type I want.

The Linear shoulder bag is available in black or steel and I received it in steel for review (looks brown). It has an internal compartment for a laptop with 2 dividers to give extra storage for charger etc. It also has a large external pocket with zip that is covered by the bag flap and contains within it a small zipped compartment and smaller compartments for phone, pens etc. and a hanging hook for keys. It also has another large external zipped pocket on the front of the bag flap and a pocket on the rear (this is quite tight so would really only be for some paperwork or newspaper etc.). The front flap clips closed so no one can access without unclipping.


This bag is made from a water resistant fabric so if you get caught out by the good old British weather you don’t need to worry about your laptop getting wet.

The bag also has SlingTech Protection which is a unique padded and suspended section that the laptop sits in creating a space between the laptop and the floor of the bag so that when the bag is placed on the floor the laptop does not hit the ground and the corners and front of the bag have added padding.


So why choose this bag over any other bag? Well for me it fits my 11.6” laptop very comfortably (even if I leave on the protective neoprene sleeve I have for it) and has plenty of space for charger, phone, cards, keys, paperwork etc. yet is quite slim. But my favourite feature that I think gives it an edge over cheaper bags has to be the SlingTech Protection System, when trying to protect an expensive laptop why scrimp and buy something that doesn’t offer a great deal of protection against damage?, the Slingtech Protection System offers a great deal of protection and is very well padded.

So overall I think the STM Linear laptop bag is definitely worth the £54.95 (RRP) price tag. It has plenty of space, is water resistant and offers a great deal of protection for my new laptop. The removable padded shoulder strap makes in very comfortable to carry (if even has a carry handle on the rear should you not want it on your shoulder). It is very well made and feels quite durable and should last a very long time. It has a very minimalist look which I love.

So as I generally prefer a backpack my only decision now is do I want the shoulder bag or the backpack version? Either way I will be purchasing a STM bag with Slingtech Protection.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £54.95

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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