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Sticker Fun – Smileys Edition Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

When everyone is suffering with cabin fever and the kids are frustrated and not behaving, I quite often find that the carrot and stick method works quite well – we operate a reward chart system for in the holidays. I keep what’s called the “Treasure Chest of Plenty” in the playroom, which is a small silver case full of little treats (no sweets though – we don’t need sugar making things worse!), and I find it works really well to keep the kids on the straight and narrow! Our Treasure Chest of Plenty contains very inexpensive pits and pieces such as pens, rubbers, yoyos and stickers, and you would be surprised just how the prospect of winning a dip in the chest can focus their minds on how to behave!

This week, because the weather has been particularly grim, I have cracked out the chest again and we have been lucky enough to have had a brand new addition to it, which the kids were very keen to work hard to win! This new item was the Smiley edition of Sticker Fun, a compact little sticker applicator that takes small refill tubes of stickers. The pack we were sent contains one applicator and two tubes of the stickers (80 stickers in each), so I left the applicator out of the box and just added the refill tubes to the box.

My eldest daughter reached her reward chart target first, and it was no surprise that she selected one of the tubes as her prize. Loading the applicator is easy; the refills have a paper cap, which you peel off, then you simply insert the refill tube into the body of the applicator and you’re ready to start stamping! This little set is surprisingly fun – kids love stickers anyway, we all know that, but I hadn’t reckoned on just how much extra fun the applicator would make it for them.

The applicator has a stamping type of action and stamping the stickers was bizarrely addictive for her! She started off simply by stickering paper and her notebooks before moving on to her stationery and pencil tins. The stickers are good quality and can also peel off most surfaces without leaving a sticky residue, which was a massive bonus by the time my younger daughter got her hands on it as she went stamping mad!

These kits are available in a number of varieties, including animals, monsters, vehicles, princesses and more. As well as the kits that come with the applicator, they are also available in refill packs which contain only the stickers so you don’t need to continue to buy lots of applicators if you don’t want to.

We thought these were great fun and the kids loved using them. They are the kind of thing that all kids love playing with and actually keep them occupied for a surprisingly decent period of time. They have both already asked if we can order some refills, so have the stamp (or is that sticker?) of approval from them too!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £8.99

For more information visit Available to buy from Amazon here.

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