Staying Connected: the Importance of Worldwide Customer Service

Smart device usage has skyrocketed over the past couple of years thanks to powerful and affordable hardware costs and the increased coverage of mobile networks. Even rural cities and villages in some parts of the world have mobile internet connections that can be used with simple Android phones that are cheap to produce.

This means that people all over the world can be connected to a global network of social media, business, marketing and products. Someone that lives in America can browse and buy products from a startup in South Africa, and thanks to transportation infrastructure and the internet, they can negotiate deals, trade products and even engage in video conferences.

For a business to thrive in a global market, they need to be able to keep in touch with consumers and clients no matter where they are. With a combination of social media and mobile software, it’s possible to connect billions of people around the world with a simple application, but how your business decides to utilise smart devices and the internet can be a challenge to design.

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Connecting with Your Customers

One of the simplest ways to connect with your global consumers to create a customer service infrastructure that allows them to connect with a knowledgeable representative from your company. Instead of outsourcing your customer support to another country or business, take matters into your own hands.

With a customer support centre hosted in your own business, it’s possible to connect consumer problems and queries directly with the business and cut out the need for a middleman or third party business. This means that your customers get responses quicker, their issues are fixed faster and they’re more likely to come back to your business when they need your services or products again.

For example, don’t rely on phone lines, snail mail or even emails. They are slow processes and it takes a long time to process responses and you could leave a customer waiting for a long time. Replace that archaic system with an online live-chat support client or utilise existing chat and web conferencing services such as TeamViewer and Skype. You can also outsource app development to a knowledgeable company and create web or smart device based software that will enable your customers to easily and quickly reach your support centre.

Breaking Language Barriers

Thanks to internet translation services and the rise of budding freelancers that are willing to interpret for you (at a price) it’s possible to send support to clients who can’t communicate in your preferred language.

One of the hallmarks of an international business is their ability to communicate with clients who speak other languages. Having an on-site translation team is a possibility, but it’s much more efficient to outsource your translation needs to freelancers and other companies so that you don’t need to hire an employee for every language on earth.

If you truly want to connect to a global market, then you need to consider all the language barriers you may encounter and set up interpretation services so that you can communicate fluently with potential clients and consumers who are experiencing issues with your services.

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