The Early Warning Signs That You’ve Made A Bad Hire

If you’ve got a thriving business, the time will inevitably come when you need to expand. Often that’ll mean taking on new people and dealing with all of the issues associated with that, from payroll to holidays.

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When it comes to employing somebody new, these inconveniences are to be expected. But sometimes the problems with a new hire can go beyond mere inconvenience. Take a look at these early warning signs that you’ve made a bad hire.

They Talk About How Much Better Their Old Job Was

We all want people who have experience to join our business. But when a new colleague constantly refers to how things were done at their old job, that’s when you might have a problem on your hands.

If you frequently hear them say things like “we didn’t do it like this at my old job” or “at my old job we were allowed to go home early” then it might be a sign that you’ve made a bad hire. These sorts of comments aren’t usually helpful and can actually affect the morale of your team.

They’re Constantly Late

Owners of businesses have a habit of assuming that everybody who works for their company is as committed to it as they are. But, of course, this is a long way from the truth. Most employees you hire will still turn up to work on time despite this, but a few will look for any excuse they can to stay out of the office. A new employee who shows up late consistently is probably a bad sign and usually indicates that they might be about to leave for a different business. In these situations, it’s best to have a clear code of conduct, just in case you run into trouble regarding employment law.

They Don’t Have The Right Skills

Manipulative people tend to be very good at the interview stage because they understand what the person on the other side of the table wants. As a result, they frequently find themselves in high-paying jobs that they are not qualified to do.

You might have found yourself in this position too, after hiring somebody who seemed impressive on both paper and at interview. However, you’re now discovering that they don’t have the qualifications or the experience that they claimed to have, and it shows.

They’re Clueless

The first few days at a new company are demanding for any new employee. They have to learn everything from how their new computer system works to where the office toilets are located.

But if your new hire is still struggling after, say, a month or so, it could be that you’ve made a bad decision. Highly functional people tend to be very quick to adapt to a new environment. They fundamentally “get it” and they’re able to figure out what the company needs based on careful observation. But for some people, especially those who aren’t that smart, this is difficult, and they often require hand-holding long after they arrive. Beware of employees who continue to refer to themselves as “new” despite having been with the company for six months or more.

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