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Splash About Happy Nappy


Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Colourful, fun and eyecatching are the first things that came to mind when I was given the Splash About Happy Nappy to review.

The reusable swimming nappy came in a clear bag with a card insert with the Splash About logo and information on it. The card also had a picture of a baby wearing the nappy whilst swimming.

The packaging opened easily and I removed the card insert to read about this product. Splash About claim their Happy Nappy give Comfort, Safety and Security.

Comfort – Made from 1mm soft and stretchy neoprene means your baby/toddler won’t end up with chaffed skin and is light and flexible. The neoprene also repels liquid so you know your little one isn't going to end up soggy.

Safety – Each nappy has an SPF rating of 50+ which means no burnt bottoms. Ideal for a hot day at the beach or a holiday abroad.

Security – The slim design means the nappy won't sag or gape so there will be no leaks or accidents in the water.

The Happy Nappy can also be used with a nappy liner for extra security.

A wonderful and top class product which not only looks good and fits well but actually does what it claims to do.

My daughter used the nappy this evening in the bath as we couldn't wait to test it and she loved it. It didn't bulk up when wet and was easy to put on and take off.

A must have for any young child’s swimming bag.

The Splash About Happy Nappy comes in a variety of sizes and designs so there is something for everyone.

We reviewed the XXL Toddlers Nappy suitable for 16+kgs and the design was the Royal Blue Fish.

A huge thumbs up!

Rating: 5/5

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