Splash About Float Jacket Review


Splash About Float Jacket


Reviewed by Debbie Tasker

Today I was very pleased to receive a Splash About Float Jacket to review. It comes in a handy see through plastic bag with handles, and is ideal for reusing to store the float jacket.

The jacket is orange and high visibility (florescent), and fits age 3-6 years (with a weight range of 16- 30kgs). It is has sun protection factor 50, which I feel is an added bonus.

Inside the jacket are 16 floats, that can be removed two at a time, starting from the middle as your child gets more confident in the water.

We decided to go swimming straightaway and try it out! 

The first thing I noticed was how light it felt, the floats are positioned securely in the jacket and it has a zip fastener and Velcro fastener for added safety. It was easy to put on, much less hassle than armbands are, and our tester looked more comfortable too.

So now we were ready for swimming… upon entering the water our tester flipped over onto his back, now this is all my own fault as it does state clearly to check buoyancy and remove floats to adjust it! I quickly removed 2 from the middle panels to get the balance right and all was well. The jacket means that arms and legs are free, so giving more freedom in the water, and aiding the learning to swim process.

Usually after our swimming session I have to fight to pull the armbands off, and they leave behind sore looking marks where they have been. So it was lovely to undo zip and Velcro and remove easily, making for a happier toddler and less stress for me.

I love this product, it does everything it says it will, and I will keep using, removing the floats slowly until my child is swimming unaided.

My only negative is that it took a long time to dry, if you’re on holiday this shouldn't be a problem, but on a cold damp day in Manchester it proved a pain, it made it very heavy to get home and I then had to hang over the bath until it dried. Having said that don't let it put you off a great product in every other way.

For more information or to buy visit Splash About here.

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