Sniffe And Likkit Fab Paw Soothing And Conditioning Protection Balm For Dogs Review


Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

Now, who doesn’t love having a dog, so much so, I decided last year that I would get another one. I collected him just 2 days before the first lockdown came into force. He is what I call ‘my lockdown puppy’.. Bless him.

So, let me tell you about my boys. I have Buddy who is 4.5 years old and Bruno who is 10 months old. Buddy is a cream retriever and Bruno is a golden retriever. I love nothing more than sitting on the floor every evening with my 2 handsome boys after a days a long 5-8 mile walk. We come home, rest and play and then before we know it, the evening is here. Dinner is then out of the way and then later on, we have cuddles, training and most importantly, time out. When sitting up right close to me and facing me, they both like their hugs by resting their heads upon my shoulder. We hug and then they know that after their hugs, they get some lovely pamper time.

They lay on their back with their legs in the air and their head rested upon my lap. From then onwards, it is all about the massage, literally from head to toe. It’s just like being in a spa. The music is gently playing in the background and it is shear bliss.

Now for the best bit and what better way to incorporate the amazing Sniffe and Likkit Fab Paw Soothing and Conditioning Protection Balm for Dogs than to use it when massaging their paws during their time out and pamper time. It is so silky smooth and an absolute delight to use. You only need to use a very small amount as it goes a very, very long way. It just glides on without feeling gunky or leaving any residue. It smells delightful, earthy, woody with a tiny scent of floral. It is gorgeous to sniff, never mind the boys, I could sit and sniff it all day lol. Bearing in mind how much stronger dogs smell is, I can only begin to imagine how much stronger it must smell to them and they do not object in the slightest. In fact, they just know when it is pamper time as they stand by the cupboard where it is stored waiting for me to get it out. Bless them.

As an aromatherapist who blends individual oils, I was absolutely delighted to learn that they use 100% natural aromatherapeutic essential oils and ones which are known for their calming, relaxing and soothing benefits. Aromatherapy oils each have what is called a ‘Note’ and this paw palm has 2 base notes, 1 middle note and 1 top note. The base notes tend to be woody smells which explains why the paw balm has a scent of Sniffe & Likkits’ signature Woodland Wonderfur. The oils used are as follows and I have mentioned which note they are along with their scent:-

Petigrain (Top Note – Floral/Woody Aroma)
Juniper Berry (Middle Note – Woody Aroma)
Cedarwood (Base Note – Woody Aroma)
Vetiver (Base Note – Woody Aroma)
Ho Leaf (also known as Chinese Rosewood – Sweet, Pleasant, Floral & Woody Aroma)


99% natural, paraben free, petrolatum free and vegan friendly.
Coconut oil – moisturising & conditioning
Sweet almond oil – nourishing  and conditioning
Sunflower oil  – skin soothing
Shea butter – moisturising
Candelila plant wax provides moisture barrier protection
Wheatgerm oil- rich in omegas and vitamins
Vitamin E – antioxidant
Suitable For vegetarians
99.8% natural ingredients with an additional 0.2% of Vitamin E
Vegan Friendly
Paraben Free
Petrolatum Free
Also good for minor irritations and to protect the paws.
Extremely rich and nourishing
Pack size is 75g


Do make sure you store this in a cool, dry place.

PREPARATION AND USAGE – Taken From The Company’s Website

Avoid contact with eyes. If this occurs rinse with water.

Keep out of reach of children.

EUH208 Contains Cedrus Atlantica Bark Oil – May produce an allergic reaction.


How to use –  Massage gently onto affected areas.

Use as necessary.

Recommended for dogs over 4 months old.



This product can be purchased from Sniffe and Likkit here.

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