Smugglers Adventure Hastings Review

SmugglersAdventureSmugglers Adventure

Reviewed by Emma Booth

I was so excited when me and my family were given the chance to review Smugglers Adventure, which is situated in the beautiful seaside town of Hastings.

Upon arriving in Hastings we soon saw a sign for Smugglers Adventure parking that was right by the sea, the parking prices are fairly high at over £7 for the days parking but I noticed all parking in the area was similarly priced. We followed the signs to Smugglers Adventure but we did find the place a little hard to find and must have missed the sign and went the long way around, but it wasn’t far at all from where we were parked.

We had finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to explore the caverns and tunnels we made our way into a small area where the screen shows you an introductory film about the history of smuggling that went on in the area and then points you into the next area to go. You are left to explore the caverns at your own pace with plenty of life-size characters and sound effects that can make you jump, spooky lighting and the fair few interactive displays showing you how they would hide things on them to smuggle them and other interesting things. It took about an hour and a half to make our way through the tunnels my daughter found parts of it a bit scary at times but did enjoy the interactive displays. I thought the little theatre that played an interesting film that was very informative and enjoyable as well. They don’t allow push chairs into the caverns, I suppose due to the ground being so uneven in places but there is a place to leave your pushchair safely and they also provide a loan of a baby sling, personally I think it would be safer not to take a baby as it is a bit dark and steep in places if you’ve got to carry them.

I think the entry price is very fair and you can get a combined ticket to go on to visit the Blue Reef Aquarium and Hastings Castle on the same day which works out very good value for money and I would definitely recommend visiting these places. We had a brilliant adventure exploring all the tunnels and will definitely come again but I believe that Smugglers Adventure is shut between November and February so there’s just enough to time to get in a quick visit before winter.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Tickets cost: £7.75 (adult) / £5.75 (child) / £25 (family of 4) / £30.75 (family of 5)

For more information, opening times or to book tickets visit

Smugglers Adventure, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 3HY | 01424 422964


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