Smiggle Mini Egg-Cellent Surprise Review


Reviewed by Laura S

With Easter fast approaching, and the overwhelming dread that the children of the family will receive a ridiculous excess amount of chocolate. Smuggle has two different Mini Egg-Cellent Surprise that could be gifted as an alternative to traditional chocolate eggs.
The contents of the eggs are fun and engaging. Plus healthier.

The Mini Beauty Egg-Cellent Surprise eggs contains six beauty surprises in a purple plastic egg. Each of the six products were much bigger than we expected and enjoyed.

* Body shimmer
* Hair ties
* Lip balm
* Lip gloss
* Nail polish
* Nail stickers
The body shimmer, lip balm, nail varnish and nail stickers we the favourites.
She loved having the picture nail stickers on and showing them off.
Plus the lip balm has a very fun unicorn head as the lid.

I like that the products are designed for children and suitable for them to use. My child could easily use all of the products by herself with minimal supervision. The products are good quality and didn’t fade/wear off as soon as she applied them.

The plastic egg is sturdy and can easily be reused.

The Mini Goo Egg-Cellent Surprise contains four fun goo surprises.

* Metallic Goo
* Foam Putty
* Mesh Ball
* Glow In The Dark Goo

That fit inside a black egg.

Each of these goo surprises were super fun to play with and offered something different in terms of texture or unique feature.
We especially loved the mesh ball and the glow-in-the-dark goo.
I found squeezing the mesh ball very cathartic and satisfying. This was definitely the overall favourite, we all wanted to be squeezing this at the same time.
At first we were dubious if the glow in the dark goo would actually glow. If you shine a torch directly into the goo, it begins to almost charge up so that it glows which lasts for some time.

I would have said the Goo Egg-Cellennt Suprise was more aimed at boys due to contents and colour off egg but was proved wrong by my daughter that was envious of her brother having this and ask for one of these for her self. It definitely has the super fun element to it.

The RRP is £10, currently on offer for £6.

I think at £10 each the eggs are good value for money due to the amount of items contained and not one use only items.
These eggs would make a lovely Easter gift as an alternative to a traditional egg and are on par with cost of a traditional egg.

Overall we give the Egg-Cellent Suprise eggs 5/5.
Each egg is very different to meet a wide audience and offers hours of fun in different ways.

The goo egg was definitely the winner in my house due to the fun factor and been very different to anything we have seen or had before.

The recommended age for each of the eggs is 6+ years which I feel is accurate due to nature of the products contained and small parts.

The Egg-Cellent Suprise eggs can be bought from Smiggle stores or online here
or here.

Smiggle also have several other larger gift eggs available that are more expensive. There is something to suit every budget.

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