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Smash lunch bag and bottle Review


Reviewed By Elly Sax

Back to school, in our house, calls for alarms to be set, uniforms to be ironed, and bags to be packed. With September approaching all too quickly it is time to get organised. Along with new school uniforms, and stocking up on stationary, we also needed new lunch bags for our packed lunches. Thankfully Smash lunch bags came to the rescue. I was immediately impressed with the lunch bags as they came in so many designs. Pink and stripy with sequin hearts, Navy and pink with a pair of flamingos, football designs for fans of the beautiful game and skulls for your mini pirates. There are so many designs and colours you cannot fail to find one to please your little one, and ensure a suitably stylish lunch for the entire school year.

I was super impressed with the quality and features of the lunch bags. The outer material, regardless of design, was incredibly sturdy and very well stitched together, giving me confidence it will withstand the stresses and strains of school days. The bag uses a zip opening and it was really easy to grip as it was quite chunky in design and also has a slight curve to it, this makes it really easy for little fingers to open and close as needed. Once unzipped, the lunch bag lid opens up fully, this makes it really simple to access the food inside and to make sure nothing gets forgotten at the bottom of the bag. Both the outside and inside of the bag can be cleaned with a damp cloth and the inner lining comes with the added bonus of being made from Blue IQ.

The inner lining material is great, Blue IQ actually helps protect against harmful bacteria, an issue which is on many parents’ mind. The lining stops food from sticking or staining the inside of the bag, helping to reduce smells and stains, so no more stinky lunch bags, which has to be a good thing, right? Should any food end up on the lining of the bag, a quick wipe and it will be gone. The inside of the bag lid also sports a label for easily labelling your bag so it can be returned should it go walkabout, I’m sure it’s not just my child who seems to constantly lose things. As well as being wipe clean the bag is also really well insulated, including the bottle pocket, which is at the side of the main food pocket.

Having the bottle pocket separate to the main pocket is great as it means your little one can grab their water without running the risk of their whole lunch ending up on the classroom floor. The bottle has some great features of its own. It holds 500ml of water and is freezeable, meaning you can guarantee a cold drink for those hot days. Once filled, the top part of the lid twists open to allow your child to take a drink then just twists closed, so no lost lids, bonus! The bottle is BPA free so no nasties will make it into the water and it is dishwasher safe so you can be sure it is clean and hygienic.

Overall I am really happy with the Smash lunch bag and bottle and they will definitely be part of our back to school kit for September.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £8.00

This product can be purchased from the ASDA website here

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