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Boom city racers Review


Reviewed by Mel Magnan

I received not one but two “boom city racers “ to review three of my grandsons are just mad over cars that’s all they seem to play with so receiving these is just great giving them something else to play with when they come to my house and my husband enjoys playing with them too when the boys come to visit and likes to try out any thing new . I had never seen these before so getting these to review before buying is just fantastic, they are cars that when you pull the rip cord they come shooting out of their launcher and explode on impact !!! The cars are well made which they need to be ,or when they hit something hard so we played with ours outside just in case .The harder you pull the further they go which needs some practise . The two i received to review one which is the bigger pack comes with one mini launcher one exclusive car one mystery car which is hidden in the launcher which you cannot see until the packet has been opened ,one ripcord and instruction manual.The other boom city racer which is shaped like a rocket comes with the ripcord , launcher and only one car this one comes with a rocket shaped lid which needs to be taken off before launching .There are over twenty four cars which is a lot to collect and would be expensive and are not suitable for children under four as there is small parts to them .
The boys loved them and were really excited to get the packages undone any thing to do with cars , the packaging was bright and colourful and fairly easy to open but will probably need an adult to help . Once shown quite a few times how to pull the ripcord they seemed to get the hang of it but they did find it difficult at first so needed an adult to help after that they had a great time playing once the cars “explode “ they are easy to click back together as its just the top of the car that comes apart and then ready to race again . There is other sets that can be brought including boom city racers boss firework factory which has ramps for the cars to smash into , which would suit an older child. Inside the car once the top has come off there is a super fly wheel which needs to be kept away from long hair and clothing , this is all in the instructions. We also watched the cars on u tube so gave us a few ideas in making ramps from cardboard for the cars to go up which makes playing with them more interesting .Not sure if we shall buying any more as they are fairly expensive but can be brought from lots of different places including Argos, amazon and all toy shops.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: from £10

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