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Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Multi-Zone Electric Blanket Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

With winter well and truly here, it is certainly getting a bit chilly in Yorkshire, especially at night time. We have had our trusty electric blanket for years, and whilst it has been absolutely brilliant at keeping me warm, it has also been the cause of a few disagreements between my partner and I! He ‘sleeps warmer’ than I do, whereas I’m always freezing cold so when I whack the electric blanket on to warm myself up, he gets uncomfortably hot. We have recently moved home, so it seemed like the time was right to upgrade our old blanket, and the Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Multi-Zone Electric Blanket seemed like the perfect upgrade!

As well as being able to control each side of the bed via individual controls, you can also control which part of your body you would like heat for, with separate heat zones for your feet and the rest of your body. This means that you can choose to heat just the bottom of the bed, just the top or both, and you could choose to have a warmer heat for your feet and a lower setting for the top of your body too – it sounded ideal.

The blanket comes packaged in a zip-up bag, which is the perfect size for storing pillows and bedding in after you have removed the blanket – no need for it to become an item of single-use plastic. When we unpacked it from the bag, it was immediately obvious just what an upgrade this blanket was going to be. It feels genuinely soft and fluffy, with the sleeping side being fleece-covered and having a squishy, quilted feel. And no more of the fiddly strings that every electric blanket I have ever had before use to attach the blanket to the mattress. This one has two thick elasticated bands, so fitting the blanket was as simple as laying it on the bed and wrapping the bands underneath. It is no more difficult than putting a fitted sheet on the bed and we have found that it stays in place much more securely than the type with the string fasteners.

So, we had our blanket fitted, popped the fitted sheet over the top and we plugged in the controllers. Each side of the bed has its own controller, which means you will need two plug sockets, and it means that you can adjust your half of the bed without disturbing your partner. The controllers are incredibly easy and intuitive to use. Once you have slid the controller to ‘on’, there are just three buttons to control the blanket. All you need to do is press the ‘body’ button until you get the desired temperature setting for your body (indicated by an LED numbered 1-9), press the ‘feet’ button until you find the right temperature for your feet (also 1-9), then set the timer. The timer button cycles between 1hr, 5hrs, 8hrs and 12hrs, with each setting having a differently coloured LED light so you can even see in the dark what the timer is set to.

This blanket was so incredibly comfortable to sleep on – the fleecy quilted top makes for a far more comfortable experience than a standard electric blanket and you can’t feel the wires at all – something that we just learned to live with with the old blanket. It makes the bed even more comfortable than before as it provides an extra layer of softness, and the fleecy top feels so snuggly to sleep on and helps to keep the heat in the bed even after the blanket has been switched off. We loved the timer function and found that an hour was absolutely perfect for us, and it means that if you forget to switch it off, you don’t get woken up in the middle of the night in a sweat!

My partner can suffer a lot with cold feet, so he has loved being able to switch his half of the bed to warm his feet up without the need for his whole body to be too warm, and I have loved being able to switch my side of the bed all the way to the maximum temperature without having to worry about making him uncomfortable.

This is a fabulous electric blanket and is perfect for the cold winter nights. The lower settings aren’t too warm either, which means it’ll also be great just to take the chill off the bed all the way up to spring time. It is available in single (obviously with just one controller, but still with the timer and separate body and feet zones) as well as double, king-sized and super-king.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £40 (depending on size)

For more information visit slumberdown.co.uk. Available to buy from Amazon here.

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