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Slumberdown All Seasons Single Duvet Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

Having moved home in the depths of winter, we decided it was time for the kids’ old bedding to go, and that we would get them some nice, new, snuggly duvets for their new rooms. But which one to go for? Afterall, what is lovely and snuggly in the depths of December is just hot and sweaty in the middle of August. And what is just right in summer means you need extra blankets in winter. In the past, we have gone for the compromise option – a duvet of around 10 tog which is acceptable in both summer and winter, but isn’t quite ideal for either.

Slumberdown have the perfect solution for this, with their All Seasons duvet – a very clever duvet which can be either 4.5 tog, 10.5 tog or 15 tog, depending on how you configure it. But how can a duvet be all of these ratings? Well, it’s really quite clever – the All Seasons duvet is actually made up of two duvets, a 4.5 tog summer weight one, a 10.5 tog warm one, and they are designed to be fastened together to make an ultra-snuggly 15 tog winter duvet.

On their own, the duvets are very soft and lightweight – they are made from Cloudspun polyester filling, which is a super lightweight and fluffy filling and it has the added benefit of being machine washable at forty degrees. The polyester filling is also ideal for people who might suffer from allergies to feather or down duvets. You would use either of the two duvets on their own from Spring through to Autumn, depending on how warm the weather has been and how hot you tend to get at night, then use the plastic poppers on the four corners of the duvets to securely fasten them together when it gets really cold to make a 15 tog duvet.

Because the weather has been so chilly, we have only used the All Seasons duvet in the full on, 15 tog combination so far, and the kids have loved it. Both of them have commented just how ‘puffy’ and snuggly the duvets are, and they look ever so cosy snuggled up in bed with them. They really do envelop you in their warmth and the kids have actually been looking forward to getting into bed on an evening!

The fastenings secure together very well and the duvet doesn’t slip at all in the duvet covers. My eldest does have some issues when it comes to fastenings, zips and clips but the fastenings that hold the duvets together aren’t intrusive at all and she hasn’t mentioned them once, which I’m really relieved about because I was initially a bit worried she’d mention them.

This is a fantastic duvet system, which means you literally have a duvet for all seasons, whatever the weather. The quality of them is great, they’re soft and snuggly without being too heavy and it’s great that they can be machine washed and are made with hollowfibre for allergy sufferers.

I wouldn’t hesitate to rate these at 5/5 – we actually all now have these duvets in our house and everyone loves them – truly a duvet for any season!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £24.99 (available in Single to Super King sizes)

For more information visit slumberdown.co.uk. Available to buy from Amazon here.

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