Skip Hop Zoo Let Dino Backpack Review

Dino Backpack

Reviewed Kathryn Harrison

I have a young daughter, Alice, who is two, nearly three. To say Alice loves dinosaur’s is an understatement of the highest degree, she is obsessed! She has dinosaur clothes that she cries when she has to take them off at the end of the day, she has dinosaur toys that she carries around with her everywhere she goes, she asks to watch dinosaur programmes on TV constantly and even has a dinosaur dress up outfit that she likes to wear at any opportunity. We are always on the lookout for more dinosaur things that she will like so when I saw the Skip Hop Zoo Let toddler bag that has a dinosaur design I knew we had to have it.

The day the bag arrived we excitedly opened the door to the DPD delivery driver and eagerly opened the parcel. The outer packaging was a large cardboard box, I was pleased to see it was easily recyclable, but it did seem excessively large for the product. Inside was a clear plastic bag with the toddler bag inside. Once we got through the packaging to the item, we needed scissors to cut the plastic ties attaching the bag to a cardboard information label. When we eventually got it all open, Alice couldn’t wait to look at it.

The bag is a small rucksack style bag with a 3D Triceratops design on it, Alice liked the horn that sticks out. The bag has bright colours of blue, green and yellow. Not only are these colours fun and pleasing to a toddler’s eye they also make it easy to spot your child when they’re wearing it. The size is perfect for a child of around two to four years of age thanks to the easily adjustable shoulder straps. There is also an adjustable chest strap that helps improve the fit and comfort of the bag and makes it impossible to slip off. There is a removable reins strap that attaches underneath the bag using a strong metal D clip. When the child is wearing the bag with the reins attached it feels very secure and well balanced, often with reins that attach to the top of bags it feels as though a child could easily be pulled back and lose their balance, resulting in them falling over, with these reins attached at the bottom of the bag that scenario doesn’t seem as likely.

The bag consists of one main zip compartment and a netted pocket on the side. The idea of the pocket on the side is to hold a drink however it’s quite small, we tried three different water cups/bottles of Alice’s and none of them could fit in the pocket. As the water bottles were all standard toddler sized bottles I was disappointed that the pocket didn’t fit them. All isn’t lost though, as we can’t use the pocket for a drink I have used it as a storage pocket for the reins when they’re not in use. The main pocket is the full size of the bag, at first impressions it seemed quite small but I managed to fit a change of clothes, a pack of wipes, a small box of raisins and a small non spill water cup in so everything we need to take when going out for a few hours.

The bag is great for an older toddler as their main bag once they are no longer in nappies and you don’t need to carry as much stuff with you or perfect for a play bag for a child to put some toys and treasures in. It’s also a fun alternative to traditional style reins meaning your child is more likely to want to wear it. Other than the disappointing drink compartment this a well-made toddler bag that will definitely appeal to all young dinosaur fans.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £18

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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