Singalonga Frozen at The Lowry Manchester Review

SingalongaFrozenLowrySingalonga Frozen
The Lowry, Manchester

28 October 2015


Reviewed by Louise Turton

I went to the showing of Sing-A-Longa Frozen at The Lowry on Wednesday October 28th with my four year old son, who loves the film, especially Olaf the snowman.

Travelling from North Wales the venue was very easy to find once I set up my satnav, passing nearby to the Trafford shopping centre and most enjoyable to me Old Trafford Football Stadium!

The Lowry has a multi-storey car park just a few minutes walk from the theatre, this facility was very reasonably priced, although if you spend £5 in any of the number of shops in the Lowry Shopping Mall you can get your car park ticket stamped which then gives you 4 hours free parking.

We managed to have our lunch in the food court before the show getting our ticket stamped in the process.

The Lowry Theatre is a lovely modern theatre not too large, just a lovely setting for this family favourite.

Upon arrival we collected our tickets from the booking office. In the foyer staff from the Manchester SEA LIFE Centre were displaying some starfish for the children and adults alike to handle, although my son didn’t feel brave enough to do so!

Time to find our seats and upon entry to the theatre we were greeted by an usher who checked our tickets and provided us with a fun pack to join in the show, there were even packs for the adults to join in too!

The packs consisted of a grey balloon, a clapper, paper doily and a paper party hat. When we were all sat ready for the performance I noticed there was a large cinema screen on stage with the Frozen backdrop with instructions to blow up the balloons ready for the show. We sat eagerly anticipating the opening of the show when Oaken’s cousin, Ubalooba appeared on stage to explain how we could all participate in the show, our balloons were now the trolls in the film, paper doily’s were snowflakes, the paper hat was our crown at Princess Elsa’s coronation and the clappers were either horse and reindeer hooves, axes and teeth chattering!

Ubalooba who was extremely funny for both adults and children alike also explained that during the performance audience participation was greatly encouraged and showed us numerous ways to join in when certain characters appeared on screen.

He then introduced the main stars of the show with Elsa and Anna appearing on stage, much to the excitement for all the small people in the audience, everyone was then led in a sing along by Ubalooba, Elsa and Anna before the screening began.

The showing itself was the film on the cinema screen with appearances throughout on stage from Ubalooba, Elsa, Anna and Olaf, much to the joy of my son, who like all the audience joined in when prompted to really set the theatre alive.

The whole theatre really got into the swing of things with the props, which was a fantastic idea, and everyone, adults and children alike whole-heartedly joined in with the shows well known soundtrack with singing and actions as instructed. Upon asking my son what was his favourite part his reply of EVERYTHING with a huge smile tells how good the showing was.

There was a 20 minute interval halfway through the performance. I noticed during this that some of the smaller children were getting a little restless and as small children cannot guarantee when they may need toilet breaks, I didn’t think this was needed.

All in all a superb showing and a glowing review from my 4 year old and I.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For more information of Singalonga shows visit www.singalonga.net.

For other shows at the The Lowry visit www.thelowry.com.

The Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 3AZ | 0843 208 6000


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