Sing A Long A Dirty Dancing, St George’s Hall, Bradford Review

singalongadirtydancingSing A Long A Dirty Dancing
St George’s Hall, Bradford

7 June 2014


Reviewed by Pamela Wright

Last night I went along with my friend to “Sing A Long A Dirty Dancing” at St George’s Hall in Bradford. When we got to the theatre there were lots of excited women young and old gathered outside. We collected our tickets and headed towards our seats, when we had our tickets checked we were handed a goody bag containing some “random” items, myself and my friend were sat rummaging through our bags amusing ourselves trying to guess what these items were for.

About 10 minutes after the show was due to start the lights went down and the room went mad with lots of cheering and screaming.

Our host made her way onto the stage and made some little jokes to get us warmed up, she sang some lines from a few songs in the film asking us to sing them back to her. She then gave us a run through of the items in our bags and what they were to be used for during the evening (I’m not going to spoil this by telling you what they were or what we did with them). We were also given different actions / noises / words to do when certain characters from the film appeared, and told to watch out for the disco lights which meant we could get up and have a boogie. Some people were in fancy dress so she invited them to the stage so we could vote for the best dressed. When they were all seated she told us to enjoy ourselves and left the stage. A huge cinema sized screen came to life and the film started to play, the song lyrics appeared at the bottom of the screen so you could sing along (although I’m sure nobody really needs the words).

The evening is hard to sum up as its all down to what you make of it, I personally totally loved it. It’s a combination of lots of different nights rolled into one, I’d say it’s like a huge girly movie night in with lots of laughter and swooning at Patrick Swayze (especially the topless scenes), this combined with the excitement of being on a night out, a trip to the cinema with karaoke and dancing thrown into the mix.

The concept of the night is soooooo simple but it works sooooo well. The whole experience is down to what you make of it, it’s YOU, a FILM and INTERACTION

This would be a fab night out for any Dirty Dancing fans and especially good for hen parties / birthday celebrations etc…

5* (Patrick Swayze on a HUGE cinema style screen – how could it have less than 5 stars!!)

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For more information on Sing-a-Long-a dates visit www.singalonga.net.

St George’s Hall. Bridge St, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD1 1JT | Box Office 01274 432000


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