Silentnight Orthopaedic Dog Bed Review


Reviewed by Keith Mitchell

Under the current restrictions it was good to see the dog bed being delivered in 2 waterproof shrink wrappings in case of inclement weather. This bed is from the Silentnight Orthopaedic pet bed range and medium size. 80X59x18 cm.

First thing to say is that it looked a very impressive and luxurious bed and certainly big enough for a 14 year old active Border Collie or my tubby elderly Staffie. Underneath is a non slip type sheeting which was tried on carpet, smooth floor tiles and textured ones. It certainly resists attempt from both dogs to slide it about. It will move easily when empty, being substantial but lightweight, however, once a lump of dog is on it, it stays put..

The mattress is about 4 cm thick and feels spongy but firm. There is give in it, but returns retains its shape well. It is covered in a furry, very soft, grey material with zig zag pattern on. This feels as though it will be very cozy in the winter, whilst being cool enough in the summer.

Three sides are around 10 cm tall and 10 cm wide to give a dog a fair bit of comfort and big enough to allow stretching out without falling over the sides. These are covered with a really nice matching grey coloured fabric with lighter grey coloured piping. It has a soft, but slightly like denim, feel, the label says polyester 50% and 50% viscose face.The two sides curl round to the front of the bed tapering down to the mattress as an entrance. My Staffie is adept at “making” her bed and giving even her old bed a good clawing, which tends to limit the life span. She tried on this whilst I wasn’t looking. Although she managed a couple of seconds before being turfed out, I could see no marking of the material or damage so I anticipate it is quite hard wearing.

What is really good is that there is on long zip which enables you to take out the long sausage shaped stuffing from the sides and back and another zip to take out the mattress bit so that the cover can be washed! Better still no need to search high and low for where you put the washing instructions they are on a label sewn in to front left side.

The whole bed is soft and flexible enough to fit where you want. My Border Collie likes to squeeze into corners and currently sleeps in my bedroom/man cave, between a chest of drawers and the base of a keyboard stand. Curled up. This fits almost exactly into her spot.. After several days I can says without reservation that she absolutely LOVES this bed. She is still very active, but is a bit stiff after a rest. I have noticed that since she has been using this bed, she appears to be a little less stiff compared to exiting her old bed, hopefully that will continue.

I would say that this is an extremely well made bed. It looks expensive and is really nice. Although it has been less than a week, I am very impressed with it and would not hesitate to recommend it to others, especially if your dog is advanced in years and still being active. Silent night pet beds come in 3 types, Ultrabounce, Airmax and Orthopaedic and in three sizes. As a guide I would say the medium size is very suitable for a Border Collie sized dog.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £64.99

This product is available to buy from the Argos website here.

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