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Scrub Daddy Sponges Review

Reviewed by Katie Allen

The Scrub Daddy sponge is not only a friendly face in our kitchen (and his blue brother in our bathroom) but he also does a great job.

I wasn’t sure at first as when dry it’s very stiff and whilst I can see the rigidness will help with washing pots and pans I couldn’t imagine how it would turn into a useful washing up companion. I was wrong. As soon as you get the sponge wet with warm water it becomes soft enough to use for all the washing up but still has the rough texture needed to chip off dried on food. If you use it with cold water, it retains more of its rigidness. I did struggle a bit washing a wire cake cooler as the sponge became so soft that parts of it fell off so it’s not great to use for that type of thing.

Whilst I’ve exclusively used the original sponge for washing dishes I can see that it would also work well on cleaning worktops and especially oven hobs where the tough plastic will cut through cooked on stains but also won’t scratch.

We keep the blue version in our bathroom and it’s great for cleaning off the soap scum from the bath and tiled walls. Also, because it’s a smiley face it doesn’t look as out of place as a “normal” cleaning sponge would. I can see it would be a good asset to have in the garden in the spring to clean up the garden furniture ready for Summer.

The face sits nicely in your hand and the eyes become finger holes which is a good touch. The sponges don’t soak up a lot of water, so they rinse and dry really easily meaning they don’t feel as unhygienic as a wet sponge sitting on the side of your sink. You can also sanitise them in the microwave or dishwasher.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £3.49 each

For more information or where to buy visit scrubdaddy.uk.

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