Calm Sleep Mist Review

Reviewed by Rebecca Smith

I was pleased to receive Sleep Mist by Calm in the post to review. I have suffered on and off with insomnia for years, due to anxiety mainly and receiving the sleep mist at this moment helped a lot.

In the past, when insomnia strikes, I have tried meditation apps, calming tablets, counting sheep, or any other animal of choice, to no avail.

My partner had been taken into hospital in agony and needing emergency surgery. I received the sleep mist while all of this was happening, and I was extremely worried and struggling to get to sleep at night.

The dark blue bottle of sleep mist comes in a small dark blue box and was easy to open. The instructions on the box (none inside) told me to simply spray the solution on to my pillow and to breathe in the scents. These instructions were not good enough for me, so I researched Sleep Mist a little more.

Calm have an app to encourage mindfulness as this was created before the sleep mist (check this out as it can assist with sleep problems, but beware of the in-app purchases). Sleep Mist is sold at an RRP of £19.99. The ingredients on offer to send you off to the land of nod are Clary sage, frankincense, chamomile and lavender. It is recommended that you listen to a 24-minute bedtime story by Stephen Fry while you get ready to snooze, this is available on YouTube and is easy to find.

The first night I tried the sleep mist, I wanted to try it with the bedtime story. I sprayed 2 pumps of sleep mist on to my pillow and pressed play on the bedtime story and got myself all snuggly. May I say, this video is the most boring story I have heard I my entire life! I think that this is the point though to be fair. A monotonous voice describing some lavender fields in France is not my cup of tea, but considering this video was 24 minutes in length, I was asleep by around the 15-minute mark! I found this incredible considering how worried I had been throughout the day.

Your muscles will relax as Stephen Fry encourages you to breath in the lavender fields and you will naturally nod off to sleep. I did wake up twice in the night, but again, I naturally nodded back off to sleep as the lavender fragrance still lingered on my pillow.

I have used this product for 3 nights in total whilst in a state of stress, worry and having palpitations, yet have had 3 good nights of sleep. I would recommend this as a sleep aid for anyone who has trouble getting to sleep and to make sure you have a listen to the bedtime story!

I believe the price of £19.99 is fair considering the little amount used of the product each night, as this is a strong fragrance and two sprays per night is more than enough, meaning the product will last you a while.

Overall, I think this product can really help people who struggle to sleep at night and will be purchasing this again.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

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