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Schleich Wildlife 4×4 Vehicle with Winch Review

Reviewed by Jenny Bray

This product arrived well packaged. The box looked appealing with a picture of the product on the front and the individual pieces listed on the back, with pictures showing how some of the pieces fit together and the background colour as a bright orange. Inside, the items were well packed in cardboard and sealed plastic bags. There was an instruction manual that clearly showed how to put the items together in the universal language of pictures.

The jeep was easy to put together and add the stickers to. It is well made and sturdy with lots of detail including grills, doors that open, a steering wheel that turns and lots of extra accessories to go with the man and the chimpanzee figures.

I recognise Schleich as a brand that is known for good quality children’s animals and toys. This item is true to this brand perception and feels like it will last well and be tough enough to endure fairly rough play, which is good for my household dynamics!

I have 3 children, aged 3, 6 and 8. The item says it is officially for ages 5-8 but all of mine loved this item and all played well with it. I wouldn’t have wanted to give it to a very young toddler due to the small parts but it was fine for my 3 year old (who likes everything the older ones are in to anyway). Other than playing (read also; fighting) over the jeep itself they also loved the chimpanzee and all the accessories. The man has moveable arms and legs to enable him to be placed as the driver, adding petrol to the vehicle or walking around the vehicle. The winch on the front unwinds and can be hooked up to other things.

There are additional items that can be bought to build upon the set, including a trailer and a quad bike. There are also lots of other animals that can be purchased to either build up a Wildlife scene or to create a new scene to include the jeep.

The purchase price for this item is £34.99, which seems quite expensive for a vehicle. However, this isn’t just a vehicle, it also comes with a person, chimpanzee and lots of other accessories like petrol cans, tools and a medical kit. It also feels of a better quality than cheaper vehicles that have been through this house and feels like it would last longer and be more robust.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £34.99

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