Sanex Dermo Micellar Bath and Shower Gel Review

Reviewed by Jo Hardy

I tried three different types of this gel , they are all 500ml in a flip top, chunky, recyclable plastic bottle that was very easy to keep hold of in the shower and they all have a symbol on the back to say they have been dermatological tested.   They can all be used for body and face and I have got to admit I was a little reluctant to use a shower gel on my face as even some facial cleansers can leave my skin feeling dry and tight but I was pleasantly surprised to find that my face felt clean and soft and not at all tight after I had used it.  They all say Dermo Micellar” on the front of the bottle.  I wasn’t sure what this meant but there is an explanation on the back.   They capture impurities while maintaining the skins natural balance, leaving it purified, hydrated and naturally protected.

The revitalising and soothing versions have a validation from the British Skin Foundation, so this should be reassuring for anyone with particular skin sensitivities The shower gel lathered up very quickly into a thick creamy lather with small tightly packed bubbles that stayed on the skin for a long time and took a while to completely disappear down the drain.  It was almost like applying a lotion to my skin . They all had a fresh clean smell not at all over powering.   When I stepped out of the shower I felt super fresh and clean. The fragrance on my skin was very long lasting.  After a shower in the evening I could still smell it on my skin in the morning.  The fragrances are not overly feminine so these shower gels could be used by all the family but I will be hiding mine.  I want them all just for me.

The first version I tried was “ Revitalising” which hydrates and revitalises and contains Vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B5.  It is a very pale peach colour and the smell, although very subtle, reminded me of peaches.  It is suitable for all skin types.

The second version I tried was “Soothing” which comforts and rebalances.  This one contains Omega 3 and Emollient.  It is a pale lilac in colour and the smell had a hint of Parma violet sweets.  This one is suitable for normal to dry skin.

The third version was “Hypoallergenic “ which mildly cleanses and hydrates and does not contain any soap.  It is virtually colourless.  I liked the smell.  It wasn’t a perfume and I can only describe it as clean.  This one is suitable for sensitive skin.   I would describe my skin as normal to ageing and I would be happy to use any of these.   They have a feeling of luxury without the high price, but at the same time they are all kind to your skin and you don’t have to worry about any of the nasty irritants that sometimes get put into shower gels.   If you are on a tight budget or your mother doesn’t approve of you spending lots of money on her these could be put with a bunch of daffodils to make lovely treat for Mother’s Day. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.00

Available to buy from TESCO or here.

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