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Primrose Hall Peonies Gift Card Review

Reviewed by Nina Holmes

The ‘a Beautiful Gift For You’ voucher I received was so pretty and attractive – it made me feel like it stated ‘YOU are special’.  The website was easy to navigate with a lovely, colourful, attractive design. There are three sections that you can go into with lots of choices of various peonies – Herbaceous, Intersectional and Tree.  Each section has a detailed description of each type of peony.  Once you click onto the type of peony you are interested in you are then presented with a long list of brightly coloured, descriptive peonies. 

Within the The Herbaceous there are 76 different type of peonies, prices vary from £25 to £30, although there is an amazing Peony for £149!  Within the Intersectional Peonies, there are 21 different types of peonies, with the prices ranging between £49 and £119.  Within the Tree Peonies section, there are 11 type of peonies, with the prices being £75. WOW!!

Once I had had a good look through the various pages and pages of peonies, I decided on the Paeonia lactiflora ‘Big Ben’ (Peony ‘Big Ben’) (Fragrant) (Mid-Season Flowering), it was a very bright pink, full looking peony – it looks absolutely beautiful.

The description is as follows: Peony lactiflora ‘Big Ben’ is highly fragrant and has huge fuchsia pink/red flowers with feathered petals in the centre forming a crest.  Any fertile, moist, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade in a sheltered position.  Height: 90cm Spread: 50cm.  Easy to grow if in good soil.

The buying process on the website was simple and straight forward to follow with the postage charge being very reasonable.   I received an order confirmation email almost immediately, detailing my order and the amount that I had paid and the billing and delivery address.  I was told that the order was a ‘back order’ and that I may not receive the product for a while.  To my surprise, within 5 days of receiving my confirmation order, I received a delivery email to inform me that my delivery would be with me within a few days.

My delivery arrived on the correct day and within the specific time slot that I was allocated.  The plant arrived in a long brown box with instructions to keep up the correct way.  Once opened we removed the contents to reveal a pot of soil and a long stick!!  Also received was a Peonies Care Guide detailing all of the information that you need to know for caring for my new peony – what does and doesn’t need to be done, for example Peonies do not require pruning and what temperatures they will tolerate!  All of the details that you would need to know to give the peony a loving home, the planting, positioning, feeding etc.

There was also a label stuck in the plant which gives you a quick care guide for the plant and a picture of what the plant will bloom into when ready.  At the bottom of a page in the care guide it gives you the details of how to sign up to their newsletter to receive information about news, info about shows, special offers and discounts and helpful advice.  You are also able to register your new peony on their website which activates your 5 year guarantee and sigs you up to their newsletter.  Once signed up, they send you a PDF copy of their care guide.

I would recommend Primrose Hall to anyone, if you wanting to purchase for a birthday or for mother’s day, this website would be perfect.  For anyone who loves flowers and plants, you would be sure to find something here for them!

Rating: 5/5

Price: Various gift vouchers available between £25 and £150.

Gift cards can be purchased here.  

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