Rufus Needs A Haircut Book Review


Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

I’ve been looking for a book with a difference to buy and read, after all, lockdown has given us all so much time on our hands. So, as a beauty and holistic therapist I cannot work, which means I have so much time on my hands and then I heard about this particular book. I had never heard of I before so I was very intrigued to find out more about it.

Entitled ‘Rufus Needs A Haircut – an entertaining collection of shaggy dog stories for adult readers that is designed to amuse, frustrate and, perhaps, infuriate the reader and their audience!’

First of all, the quality of the book is magnificent, nothing worse than a flimsy, cheap and nasty book. This is very good and the type font is just about perfect for me with my reading glasses on.

Secondly, with Christmas just around the corner, this makes a great gift. You can be sure that Rufus Needs A Haircut is most certainly different and some might say quirky which I love.

I must admit, after reading this book (once I started, I couldn’t stop); I so wish I had an English teach like David Selby. My school English lessons and trips out would have been so much better and defiantly more fun. Even now, I wish I had someone like David to read to me, especially this book, buy it, read it out loud or have someone read it out loud to you and you’ll see what I mean.

The book was put together and written by David, as mentioned above, he was an English teacher. He’s now retired. So, as you can imagine, the book has been put together and written extremely well and makes it a real delight to read. Not hearing or knowing about any of David’s books before, I did do a little research and it appears he has reworked a number of shaggy dog stories that he has experienced over the years. Apparently, David has made these stories even more attractive by telling them on school trips and in classrooms over 30 years.

Like myself, being lockdown has inspired a lot of us and David Selby is no exception. Lockdown inspired him to put these stories to paper and allow the pleasure of the shaggy dog story to be read by many others.

I very much loved this awesome shaggy dog story book, it took me into an imaginative journey of an unlikely story and then the conclusion, which the final sentence of the story is written in such a way to most certainly make you laugh out load, raise a smile and possible a grimace.

We all live in a virtual world nowadays which I personally, find very sad. Many people have lost the art of interaction, talking, speaking to one another, holding conversations, mostly when they do, always end up reverting to picking up the phone or any other technical gadget and then, once again, the conversation is not what it was and used to be. So…. As advised when reading this book, I also read it out loud to my husband, he thought I had gone bonkers. It was great we laughed, contemplated, interacted and really did lift our spirits. I can wait to share and read it aloud to my friends and family.

As a reviewer, it is most definitely difficult to leave a review without giving too much away about the content as it would only go on to spoil it for you, so, go out and buy this, if not for yourself, then as gift to someone else. It is most certainly worth the read.

The book can be brought at Amazon by clicking on the following link and David has chosen to donate £1.50 from each book he sells to the NHS Charities Together). This is very touching and poignant giving the NHS are alway under a lot of pressure and since this pandemic, now more than ever, they need our support.

It prices for the book are very reasonable and can be purchased from Amazon by clicking on the link below and are priced in 3 formats.


£7.99 for paperback
£2.99 if purchase for Kindle
£0.00 with Kindle Unlimited

This product can be purchased from the Amazon website here.

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