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Blume Petal Pets Series 1 Review


Reviewed by Laura S

Blume Petal Pets are the latest in surprise toys to hit the market.
I’m not usually a fan of surprise toys as I feel that once the surprise is opened, my children then have no interest in the toy but always want another one for the excitement of opening.

Blume Petal Pets pleasantly surprised me with the contents included and the enjoyment it has brought my daughter since we opened it a few days ago.

Each Blume is a lovely pastel coloured plant pot with a co ordinated flower. The are 10 different flower pot and flower combinations to choose from. The colours are very appealing. There is no way of telling which surprises you will receive until you open it.

My daughter found the unwrapping of the plastic wrapper hard and to be fair it wasn’t the easiest to unwrap. I needed scissors to help. A child would definitely need assistance.

Once unwrapped and the clear plastic protective lid was taken off. There was a little pink watering can and instructions.

First of all you, fill the watering can by submerging it in water than you squeeze the water out of the can around the base of the flower stem.
The magic then started to happen. The flower began to open slowly to reveal a cute bracelet with a charm on it. The bracelet has a small bead on the end so it can be tightened on the child’s wrist. My daughter loved the bracelet and wore it straight away.

The next step was to pull the flower away from the pot to reveal the hidden pet. Again, she found this hard to pull apart and needed assistance. Once the flower was separated from the pot it revealed the hidden pet and a sheet of stickers.

She was so pleased with her little dog pet surprise and decorated the pot with the stickers.

The flower attaches back to the pot and looks very sweet. My daughter has put the flower on display in her bedroom and hidden secret things in the pot.

She throughly enjoyed opening the Blume Petal Pet and the process to revealing the pet and bracelet she got.

As previously mentioned, I’m not a fan of surprise toys but actually like this. It has so much more to offer and my daughter has continued to play with it.
She has worn the bracelet daily since, uses the pet dog during her imaginary play and has the flower on display in her room .

There are 12 different pets and charm bracelets to collect with some rarer than others.

Due to the small parts this is recommended for 3years+. I completely agree with this and would be cautious of giving it to a 4yr old unattended.

Overall I give Blume Petal Pets 4/5.   I think it is a nice gift and is appealing due to the pet, bracelet, stickers and surprise element. I would buy in the future as a present.  My daughter had requested one as a Christmas present. Fingers crossed Father Christmas brings her the correct colour pot, flower, bracelet and pet!

The RRP: £7.99 which I think is reasonable given the contents.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £7.99

This product can be purchased from the JD Williams website here.

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