Rubies In The Rubble Festive Trio Review


Reviewed by Sandip

We were given the opportunity to try out Rubies in the Rubble’s festive trio which is a box of 3 jars of their top selling relishes. This trio pack contains a jar each of Chilli Onion Relish, a Classic Apple Relish and a jar Pear and Fig Relish.

Now, what I didn’t know what when I was offered to review these relishes was the company’s ethos. I just thought I was going to be trying and reviewing regular chutneys. When the trio arrived they also came with an information card which told you a little about Rubies in the Rubble and the 3 jars I was sent to review. The company ethos is that they are a sustainable, anti-food waste company that use good wholesome ingredients that otherwise would have been thrown out for waste because they don’t ‘fit the norm’, that is, they are misshapen, a different colour or size to what the general pubic wants to buy and consume. The card also had a little food related pun depicted on it which says ‘some say it’s a load of rubbish, we take that as a condiment’! There was also a card which told you how many apples, pears and onions were ‘saved’ and used in these relishes that otherwise would have chucked out. The jars, packaging an info cards are all recyclable or in the case of the jars reusable. What an amazing company ethos and one that I can very much relate too and respect.

Now all that aside, let’s get down to the taste of these relishes. So far, my husband, 2 young kids and I have tried the Classic Apple Relish and the Chilli Onion Relish. Well, we loved them! Genuinely enjoyed them. Each jar lasted us about 3 or 4 day each. They are great to add to sandwiches like a ploughman’s, burgers, cheesy toasties, or , and our favourite way too eat them, with some cheese and crackers. The relishes aren’t too tart, or too sweet as some relishes could be, they are just the right level of flavour. They are a decent sized jar too, not too big that it takes ages to finish, but big enough to try it enough times and enjoy it each time.

We would definitely buy these relishes again and are hoping to try out different flavours too. Rubies in the Rubble also sell condiments too such as mayo and ketchup. The Chilli Mayo and Spicy Tomato look interesting and will definitely be on our list. We are going to get a range of products to eat over the Christmas and New Year holidays, if they last that long in our house! But given the current climate that we are living in, and the uncertainty of knowing whether we are going to be seeing any of our family, and be able to exchange gift, we have decided to buy these relishes and condiments as part of Christmas hampers and send them out to our love ones. We know they would love them and find then just as yummy as we did.



For more information and to find where to purchase this product, please visit the Rubies Rubble website here.

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