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FOURFIT Mini Fitness Tracker and Activity Watch Review


Reviewed by Elly Sax

For Christmas this year we were contemplating getting our daughter a fitness tracker but didn’t know which one. Enter the FOURFIT Mini – Kids fitness tracker activity watch. Retailing at £29.99 and aimed at children 6 and up, it is the perfect way to introduce fitness tracking in a funky way. I think the price is great as who wants to spend a fortune on a fitness tracker for their little one only for them to lose or damage it? The FOURFIT Mini certainly won’t get lost easily as the strap is a available in 5 bright colours and has a double pronged closure. Plus there is a handy ‘find my tracker’ section in the app so no chance of misplacing it at home.

I love the little red cube box that the FOURFIT Mini arrives in. It is super compact and when you open it up the tracker is held in place with a cardboard insert. Underneath the insert is a small instruction booklet, it’s only about 6 sides long, meaning no lengthy set up when the kids just want to get going. I was surprised to see no charger included in the box and at first thought it was going to be a hassle to ring customer services, then I read the instructions, the FOURFIT Mini is designed to not need a separate charger. You just remove one half of the strap and the charging element is right there attached to the main body of the unit. This is really clever, no lost chargers, or, needing to remember specific chargers when you go away, the FOURFIT Mini can just be plugged into a mains USB charger or into the USB charging point on a device like a laptop or PC. For the first charge the instructions said to use a mains USB so I did, the tracker buzzes to let you know it is charging correctly and in no time at all I was ready for the next step. If you are buying this for Christmas the speedy charging is a real bonus as it means no long waits on Christmas morning. The instructions were really simple to follow, the app that the tracker uses is quick to download and then you just search for your device. Once your device is connected you can amend which items you want to see on your tracker. I opted to see steps and distance but not calories, it’s really easy to change these options in the app and it relays your choices to the device instantly.

The design of the tracker itself is really sleek and feels very robust, it is splash (and mud) proof. I would say size wise it is suitable for children and adults and it comes in a range of colours to suit differing tastes, I opted for the turquoise blue and when it arrived I loved it, bright and fun looking. The strap is really easy to do up. Instead of a traditional watch strap closure, which can be tricky for children or adults with limited dexterity, the FOURFIT Mini tracker uses a metal hexagonal section which is inlaid into he top strap, it then has studded prongs on the inside which fit snugly, and securely fasten the strap closed. Adjusting the size of the strap is easy, just a matter of pulling firmly and then realigning against the holes in the strap which you find most comfortable. I found I needed the FOURFIT Mini to be quite tight in order to get accurate measurements of my step count. Once I had linked the device to the app on my phone it was easy to keep track of everything the device was monitoring.

The FOURFIT Mini has so many great features

● Sleep tracking
● Vibrating alarm
● Sedentary reminder (vibration that reminds kids when they have not moved in a while)
● Step tracker
● Rapid charge (only 45 minutes to fully charge)
● Up to 5 days battery life
● No need to always be connected to bluetooth, just connect when you want to sync
● Phone link enabled
● Large, easy to read, OLED screen
● Watch

Overall once I got the tracker charged it was really easy to set up and would make a great gift for a child or adult this Christmas. I would definitely recommend the FOURFIT Mini and feel like you get a lot for your money.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

This product can be purchased from FOURFIT here.

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