RTP and RNG Slots Explained


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If you have been thinking about playing online slot games, or even if you’ve been playing them already but you’re still not completely sure about all the ins and outs and what makes them tick, understanding how they work can be extremely useful. You may have heard the terms ‘RTP’ and ‘RNG’ in relation to online slots, and this article will explain exactly what this means and why it is important to know.

RTPs On Slot Games

RTP stands for ‘return to player’, and it is a way of determining what the odds of winning are on any particular game; literally, what the chances of a ‘return to player’ taking place. The higher the RTP, the higher the chance of winning is.

You’ll see the RTP written out in percentages which can be confusing, but it’s not that difficult to work out once you’re in the know. A game that has an RTP of 95 percent, for example, means that you will see a return of 95 percent of your money on average. The casino therefore has a five percent advantage.

Most of the casinos online will publish their RTPs and this will help you determine which games you are happy to play – it will depend on your tolerance to risk. If you can’t see the RTP of a game then it’s best to stay away. True, the odds might be excellent, but they could be terrible and you’ll be throwing your money away; it’s best not to risk it.

RNG Slot Games

RNG stands for ‘random number generators’. The RNG itself is actually a microchip that enables the slot machine to – as the name suggests – spin randomly. These chips are checked and verified by various organisations to ensure that they are fair and that they truly are random and that the games are not rigged to the casino’s favour.

The idea is that RNG slots are completely unpredictable for the players but also for the casinos – it’s fairer all round that way. In fact, RNGs mean that even the game developers can’t predict how their own slots are going to spin. What can be done, however, is that programmers can choose how to ensure a game pays out over a set amount of time.

How To Play Now

Having this information to hand is useful, but how can it be used to make your game playing more positive? To start with, let’s focus on RTP. Knowing the RTP of any game means that you can be sure of the odds before you start playing – you’ll know what your chances are, and that can help you to work out which games are best to play and which should be avoided.

However, it’s interesting to note that some players will always choose to play games with a low RTP. It’s because, although they pay out less often, when they do pay out these games with a lower RTP will give you more. Fewer wins, but bigger wins when they come.

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