Most Loved Ninja Slots


In the world of slot machines, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to themes.

To make real money slots games as much appealing as possible, manufacturers have introduced themes based on the most appreciated movies, heroes and characters in general.

The Ninja is for sure, one of the most appreciated characters ever. This Japanese spy, mercenary and killer, is famous all over the world. In this article, we are going to list some of the most loved Ninja slots.

Ninja Themed Slots

A very appreciated game based on a Ninja theme became so famous that everyone has heard its name at least once, we are talking about Fruit Ninja.

Based on the homonym game, this slot machine by Play’n GO has a quite common setting.

The classic 5 reels with three rows, 15 adjustable pay lines and a very good RTP of 96.65%. Released 6 years ago, it still is one of the favourite ones by the players.

Juice Ninja

Another machine which earns the top positions is Juice Ninja. At first sight, it looks quite usual, and in a way it is. What makes it good is its combination of graphic effects and fluidity. The volatility though is quite low, and this affects the playability too. 5 reels and three rows and a bunch of fruits. It has made of simplicity its stronger point. An RTP of 96% and 10 pay lines make this slot good, especially for rookies.

Ninja Star

We have to admit, it isn’t the modernity which makes the slots appreciated by the players. It is exactly the contrary. This game based on ninjas is one of the old-fashioned ones.The graphic elements are quite essential, the sounds effects are common and not even that good in our opinion. But it is very good and extremely easy to understand. The playability is superb, compared to any other ones. The super-reliable 5 reels concept, with three rows and up to 25 pay lines, works very well. The two bonuses make everything more interesting. The player can change also the stake, from 1 penny up to 6.25 pounds when all the pay lines are active.

Cyber Ninja

Very different than all the above ones we described. This game shows a hypothetical future where Ninjas are the new version of the old warriors.

Everything is very well-made and realistic, the graphic elements are extremely cured, more than a slot machine it reminds a console game.

3D effects and sound effects are the powerful elements of this slot. The main set is the classic three rows and 5 reels well-covered by 20 pay lines.

The pay lines are adjustable so like the number of coins the player can assign for each line, which go from 1 to 5.

With the right combination, the minim bet can be 1 penny, while the max bet can even reach 100 pounds. The RTP as well seems to be aligned with the good reputation it has among players, indeed it is 96.06%.

Final Thoughts

Once again it seems that the most appreciated slots are not the most complex ones. People, especially expert, know how to recognize a good game.

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