Rosa Red Garbo Necklace – Red Review

Rosa Red Garbo Necklace – Red

Reviewed by Becky Linsell

Call me old fashioned but I like to get jewellery in a box. The necklace was bubble wrapped and in a pink Rosa Red Jewellery net bag, absolutely nothing wrong with it just not as pretty as it could be and certainly not displaying the necklace at its best.

The pendant is a silver coloured metal with a red stone fastened in the middle and smaller red stones set into the metal. I was delighted when I heard I was reviewing this necklace as I loved it when I saw the picture and red is my favourite colour. It is quite a chunky pendant, which completely suits me as I don't do dainty! The pendant is attached to a leather necklace which if I am being honest is not to my taste, I would wear the necklace on a silver chain.  In my opinion the leather necklace detracts from the lovely pendant. However the necklace is good quality and the fastening is sturdy. It’s also comfortable to wear.

I have worn this necklace for several days. I have had a number of comments as to how nice it is and therefore I do think that it is a piece that people would notice particularly as the pendant is an unusual design. It is well made and a good quality necklace and therefore I believe that the price of £25 represents reasonable value. It is not a bargain but its price is equivalent to similar necklaces for sale. There are matching items for sale at the store and they together with the necklace would make a nice set of jewellery.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Rosa Red here.

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