Robbie Savage Football Howlers Review

Robbie Savage
Football Howlers

Revolver Entertainment

Reviewed by Delphi Ellis

Robbie Savage introduces himself in this one hour DVD as an "ex footballer and TV personality with over half a million followers on Twitter" using the remaining pieces to camera to literally tell the viewer just how great he is.  In between doing so, he uses voice over to commentate on a selection of shocking football moments, from missed strikes, fumbled saves and own goals.

"Howlers" is definitely a great description for the majority of the mistakes that the team players make when trying to win the match (or avoid losing) and, in fairness, they were entertaining.  The clips themselves are of varying quality with contributions from different football leagues.

If Mr Savage scripted this documentary himself he should perhaps leave his skills to fancy footwork in future. Overall, the DVD makes cringeworthy viewing made worse where he's clearly reading the script in both pieces to camera and the voiceovers.  This combined with the constant references to how "spectacular" he is, leaves us no option but to give him the Red Card.

The howlers themselves are funny and worth watching.

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