Vampire Beach: Ritual and Legacy by Alex Duval Review

Reviewed by Lorraine Nickell

This book is two of the last instalments of the Vampire Beach series. Loosely based on the twilight type story, this series is aimed at teens. The whole series is told from the point of 17 year old Jason. He and his sister have just moved to Malibu and are enjoying an exuberant lifestyle, money, cars and parties, but the teens of Malibu have a darker side…

A great deal of the book is spent on character building, Sienna is a super cool vampire chick! Living the high life with a taste for something else, blood! Jason is a 17 year old boy who is in love with Sienna (sound familiar?) Although this series is aimed at teens and young adults I feel it has the substance to entertain an older reader too. Overall I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it if you are into vampires stories.

In Ritual Jason takes his sister to a new age fair and they go to see a medium, she tells Jason that is in great danger! Soon after the fair he is attacked! He awakes in hospital and realises he has been shot… by a crossbow! Could it be Sienna that is actually in danger.

In Legacy Jason is blissfully happy with Sienna, the beautiful, intoxicating vampire he has loved ever since moving to Malibu and entering her wealthy, cliquey, party life. But their happiness is under threat as Sienna’s parents don’t believe a human-vampire relationship can work and forbid Sienna from seeing Jason. As they try to get around the ban with secret meetings, Jason’s vampire aunt Bianca throws a new problem into the mix. Jason has to make a decision that could change his life for ever. There are exciting new possibilities right at his fingertips, but what hidden dangers lurk beneath the glamorous surface?

Rating: 4/5

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