Ripped in 30 Review


Jillian Michaels:
Ripped in 30

Available to buy from 27 December 2011

Reviewed by Emma Baker

With the festive period looming and all those nice outfits to fit into what better way to try and get into them then getting down and sweaty with the energetic workout!

It consists of 4x 24minute work outs which get harder and more intense as you go through the DVD and pass each 'level'. It’s meant to work on the basis of doing the first level a few times (5-6 times) on you first week, the second level on your second week and so on. I myself never got past the first level as of yet (I didn’t realise I was so unfit!!!) Each work out has a great warm up and cool down, just what you need to start and end these intense work outs.

It also comes with an online 30 day eating plan, which is fab and encourages your weight loss and fitness, as what’s the point in doing all that work just to pig out on cake??!!

The work out left me aching from head to toe so I guess I was doing it right and can’t wait to keep going and finally progress onto the next levels and see the results!!

It’s a must have for any fitness freak and anyone wanted to get into shape!

Rating: 4/5

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