Recaro Avan Car Seat and Base Review


Reviewed by Gemma

With my oldest child now being ten years old, when our new baby was born recently, I realised I had forgotten what it was like to shop for babies- so when these two items came up I could not resist the opportunity! The last time I had needed to buy a car seat I was not a driver and therefore I did not really think about the importance of a good one, but when I received the Recaro Avan car seat and base- boy was I impressed! Recaro prides itself on being ‘baby’s first guardian’ therefore I did have high expectations.

The car seat and base arrived around a week after the initial order was placed and the items were packaged fantastically well, with little waste being used within the boxes, making it environmentally friendly. I was really pleased about this as usually you find that they are packaged to the nth degree to ensure there are no knocks and bangs- so at first I was a little sceptical and made sure I checked the seat and the base for any signs of damage, given that they had been on the back of a delivery van for a week! They were absolutely perfect. The only snag was that the instructions were not in English, and therefore this made it a little tricky to work out how the base actually fitted to my car- however having already had an isofix base fitted, this turned out to be pretty self-explanatory. All in all, it took us around 15 minutes to fit. The car seat itself was already put together which was brilliant, the only thing that needed attaching was the hood. The seat also has an ergonomic handle which makes it easier to carry should you want to remove it from your car. The system also sites itself as heavily ventilated, meaning baby is able to breath better within the seat.

The Recaro Avan prides itself on being useable from birth to 15 months, 6 months more than most infant car seats, great for someone who maybe wants to be a little more economical with their car seat, I love the way the car seat seems very sturdy and given it came with a newborn insert, I had no qualms about putting my little one in it and taking it for a spin. Putting him in it, was however another matter. It could just be because the straps and fittings are new and therefore a little stiff, however there is not much give or flexibility in them, meaning when you have a wriggly, crying baby going into the seat, it can be pretty difficult and takes some getting used to. The straps also pinged open a few times before I managed to fit it in properly, which made me a bit wary. I did however like the way the seat clicks, and all four buttons go green letting you know that it is safely fixed to the base, and you are then good to go! The seat itself looks comfortable and it has a professional and suave look about it that looks different to other brands.
Obviously, given baby is just a teeny tot, I can’t comment on the next stage of the seat however I did take it apart a few times to have a look and it does look a little bit small to me for a 15 month old, although my child is quite long for their age. I think it will probably last more like 12 months, however I do like that this means I can leave baby rear facing on a safe base for much longer and this has meant I feel much more confident driving round with him in the back. The only snag is, if you have a slanted seat such as in my car, babies head bobbles which makes it a little unsafe, and therefore I am unable to confidently use the base for the seat to fit in my car.

You can purchase the car seat and base here.

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Rating: I’d give this item a good 3/5.

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