Chicco Goody Stroller Review


Reviewed By Gemma

The Chicco Goody Plus Stroller, what can I say about this? It oozes a sense of luxury, in a brand that prides itself for relatively economical prices. The stroller is a one handed push and the whole system is therefore light and easy to push. I really enjoyed that I could put the system down with one hand and in one quick switch of a button. This makes walks in the park really easy as I can flip the stroller up with no time taken at all and baby can be in it within seconds.
I was provided with a grey stroller, and this looks classy and unique. The colour would also be gender neutral and you could accessorise it with whatever you like as I have noticed that Chicco sell accessories to go with this stroller. The seat is also padded nicely however it does not have a new-born insert, and considering it states it can be used from birth this disappointed me as I didn’t feel as though my baby looked particularly safe and he fell to one side a bit unless he was completely flat, something which with reflux, is a bit impossible for our baby! Our baby does like sitting up slightly but this is not good for their posture. Now baby is getting older (3 months) I feel a little more confident to sit him up slightly and the seat is easy to incline with a strap and button which means that although you have to do this with two hands, it is easy to do in a hurry. The hood extends quite low down over the pram therefore in the recent sunnier weather, this has been great to cover and shade baby from the sun and also enable naps! It also comes with a pretty decent rain cover which feels quite thick and is easy to connect to the pram itself.

The wheels of the stroller do not rely on air to be pumped up which means that they are not at risk of being punctured unlike most other prams and strollers are. They are also small which means that it does not take a lot of room in my car and I do not need to waste time removing the wheels when taking it down to put back in the car after journeys.
The stroller itself is only small, meaning that it fits in the back of my tiny car perfectly without the need to put any seats down or move much around, unlike my travel system! I will definitely use this more as my baby grows for quick journeys and probably when going on holidays as this would be brilliant when going on a plane. The stroller is suitable from birth right the way up to age 4 if your child still needs a pram then of course, but it is very sturdy and strong! The stroller is also the winner of the Made for Mums awards 2022.

You can purchase it here.

RRP: £

Rating: I give this stroller a solid 4/5.

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