Ravensburger Aquarelle Mini Cat Review


Aquarelle Mini Cat


Reviewed by Shelley Owens and Emily (age 12)

Sealed in a recyclable clear film, this colourful, chunky box of goodies promises to provide you with the tools to create a mini watercolour masterpiece! The packaging was easy to open so I handed it over to my 12 year old and sat back to watch!

Emily eagerly opened the box and was thrilled with the mini palette, pipette, paint brush, 3 squeezy bottles of red, green and blue paint and the pre-printed watercolour board and tester card to try out colour blends.

The instructions are simple, with an easy to follow colour chart on the reverse so you can mix an array of colours by adding various combinations of the 3 watercolour "inks" provided. As instructed Emily covered the table with old newspaper, collected 2 pots of water and away she went! For the next 2 hours she blended and tested colours, practiced shading and carefully painted away. The raised edges of the picture are great for holding the paint in place as it soaks into the card so there were no cries of frustration as the colours ran into each other, instead just one happy girl and her potions – my dining table looked like a cross between a science experiment and an art studio but the end result was a lovely picture and no sticky paint mess, unlike other painting sets where the paint dries out and becomes sticky as you paint.

Overall, the set is designed for 8-13 year olds and at 12, Emily found the instructions easy to follow by herself although as advised, adult supervision was at hand! Children in the younger age group will need an adult to guide them. The finished product is lovely and will satisfy those budding artistic tendencies with very little mess! At an RRP of £3.99 the set is good value for money.

It would make a good pocket money toy, stocking filler or a great little emergency present for those short notice birthday parties!

This particular design might be a little young for some 12/13 year olds but Emily and I give it a 5/5 and will be looking out for the other sets in the range!

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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