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Ravensburger Rabbit Selfie Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Reviewed by Sian Manning

My biggest monster (7) was very pleased to see this come through the post, he loves a jigsaw puzzle and so do his brother (5) and sister (3).

We already have a small stash of Ravensburger puzzles so were very happy to be adding to our collection.

These puzzles if you aren’t already familiar come in a lovely sturdy box, they have clearly realised that when aiming something at children, robust is a must, even with my 3-year-old leaning on the box it still remained intact. The box is wrapped in cellophane to make sure your jigsaw arrives all together without any missing pieces. The puzzle pieces themselves are also lovely quality and made using sustainable materials, they aren’t flimsy and will stand the test of time.

The box has clearly marked on it the age that they are aiming it at, the number of pieces and on the reverse you can see an example to the size of pieces you can expect to find inside. The picture of the finished puzzle is also on the lid so that you can use it as reference as you are making the puzzle.

This range of Ravensburger puzzles – premium puzzle, perfect age fit – are a lovely design and introduction to ‘proper’ puzzles, they come in a range of sizes for ages and have bigger pieces too, the sizes decrease slightly with the number of puzzle pieces. The designs have been specifically chosen to appeal to these age ranges too. The 6+ puzzle has 100 pieces, these are the largest pieces in the range and a great size. The 7+ puzzle has 150 pieces, the 8+ puzzle has 200 and the 9+ puzzle has 300 pieces. So which ever age child you are buying for there is something for them. It is nice to see puzzles that are aimed at children but still have bigger pieces and go up in small increments too.

This puzzle has a Rabbit, guinea pig and hamster selfie, something cute and quirky and perfect for an Easter gift if you don’t want to give chocolate, or even in addition as these puzzles are very reasonably priced.

My son was very happy to do the puzzle and liked the cute little faces as he was doing it, he decided to make the guinea pig first and then tackled the rabbits!

He was a little stumped to begin with as he hasn’t done a puzzle of this size completely on his own before, but once I explained to him to start with the edges he got the hang of it, once he had made the border he quickly managed to fill it in with all the middle pieces.

The design of the puzzle has meant that it isn’t too difficult for a beginner puzzle maker as there are plenty of colours and patterns to match and no neutral space that makes it harder to do.

My just turned 7 year old sat down after school and did this puzzle on his own with a little bit of ‘help’ from his brother and sister, it kept them all quiet and entertained for quite a while and they are already asking to do it again.

This would be a great little Easter treat either for your own children or as a present for others, especially for something to do in the 2 weeks Easter holidays when anything to keep them entertained is a bonus.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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