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Rainbow High Classic Rainbow Doll Skyler Bradshaw Review


Reviewed by Helen Noble & Granddaughter

Rainbow High is a fashion doll franchise created by Michael Scott Anderson originally as Rainbow Surprise and released by American toy company MGA Entertainment in 2020 originally as a spin-off from their Poopsie Slime Surprise brand.

The back story for the franchise revolves around an elite high school for the visual arts, featuring students who represent colours of the rainbow. The characters are Ruby Anderson, Poppy Rowan, Sunny Madison, Jade Hunter, Skyler Bradshaw, and Violet Willow.

The popular fashion dolls are also brought to life in an animated series on Netflix which is watched and loved by children, one of which is my granddaughter aged 7, therefore she was over the moon to be able to help me review the Skyler Bradshaw Doll we received.

The doll arrived in a lovely bright rainbow box with a handy carry handle. The doll and accessories are secured to an insert with clear tape and small plastic tags, these needed to be snipped with some small scissors. The packaging is fully recyclable.

The Skyler doll, measures 8.13L x 25.4W x 30.48H, she comes in a ‘ready too party’ outfit, with lovely long blue wavy hair, big blue eyes with super long eye lashes and a shimmering face. She comes with a pair of shoes, a handbag, a magical pet with a horn, some blue slime, a small sachet of shimmer, a comb and a doll stand which is easily attached to the doll by simply clipping onto the back of the doll’s waist so she can be popped on a shelf for show.

There is an instruction leaflet in the box which we needed to explain a few things. Firstly we took the slime and my granddaughter spread it out onto her hands as advised, and using a bit at a time we added the shimmer powder, squishing it together to mix it in. She found it highly funny a few times to clap her hands together which sent some of the powder flying everywhere, so not only did the slime come out in a fabulous shimmer but we did too, but it was all good fun.

The head of the magical pet twists off, this took a few attempts to get the hang of it but after a couple of tries it became easier for both of us. You can put the shimmer slime into the pet’s head which then gives the pet a shimmer too, you may wonder how to get the slime back out! The comb also doubles up as a slime scoop. By using the end of the comb you can scoop the slime right back out, you can then add it to the sole of her shoes which just unclip on and off and voilà shimmer night time dancing shoes.

The fun doesn’t end there, the slime can be stored in her hand bag to not only make the hand bag shimmer but to keep the slime nice and clean.

My granddaughter thinks the doll is absolutely fabulous and loves spending time combing her hair, having her dancing in her shimmer shoes, and of course enjoying squishing the slime. I have a feeling I know what will be on her birthday list for next month.

The doll really inspires creativity, as well as imagination, Skyler Bradshaw is a beautifully articulated doll. She is recommended for over 4 year olds, but in my opinion I would say she is more suitable for children 6 to 12 years. The doll is fairly priced and would make a fantastic gift for any child.

Rating: 5/5
RRP 26.99
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