Little Signers BSL Signed Story Books For Kids, Animal ABC & At The Bottom Of My Garden Review


Reviewed by Dottie Rood

What a joy to be able to review books especially when they are for children. These two books are from the Little Signers Club BSL Signed story books, Animal ABC, the 4th in the series, and At The Bottom Of My Garden, 2nd in the series.

Little Signers Club was created by Shelley Ensor in 2010, she has been involved in Early Years Communication plus baby signing and is a mum. She created the four books that belong to this series after her eldest daughter was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder to the level that is classed as hearing deaf. Although her daughter didn’t benefit from them (they were published in 2015) as she is 17 years old now lots of others have.

Animal ABC is written by Shelley Ensor, illustrated by Chris Hammond and the sign language graphics are produced by Cath Smith. It is a beautifully illustrated book (as are they all!) with one animal per page. Each page is designed to enthral all children with their bright colours and relevant rhyme. Each page also displays the signs for each letter (shown for both right-handed and left-handed people) and the sign for the animal as well. Although I have a qualification in sign language so am able to do the signs shown I would say these signs are easy for everyone to follow and do themselves, they are very clear.

At the Bottom of my Garden is also written by Sue Searle and illustrated by Chris Hammond with the sign language graphics done by Cath Smith. This book has a rhyming, repetitive storyline that has lovely colours and graphics. It was inspired by the authors young daughter who would take her hand and say, “Come and see my new friends,” showing an awe and wonder and love of the nature around her. Children love anything to do with creepy crawlies and mini beasts that we can often see around us, again the signs are clear and concise at the bottom of each page.

These books are promoted as ‘dual language’ rhyme and story books, English and Sign Language, and that’s exactly what they teach. They will support emerging literacy and language skills, they will enable children to communicate in, perhaps an easier format for some and they were a real joy to read to the children in my family.

They can be used by all children from babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and key stage one to children with EAL (English as an Additional Language) and children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) plus adults can also learn signs alongside their children.

The Little Signers Club also have a number of worksheets that can be used alongside these books so they can be extended. These are the best sign language books I have seen for children as they not only engage your child, teach them signs as they enjoy the stories and pictures, but they also give parents and practitioners in the Early Years another very useful very beautiful resource. I would recommend these books for all young children and think they would make a lovely gift.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.49

This product can be purchased from here and other good retailers.

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