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Beach Hut Nest Box Mid Blue Review


Reviewed by Michelle

I am very fortunate to live in a very quaint little village that has a lot of wildlife and especially birds. We have many bird boxes in our garden and this is a great addition to our collection. They are a very significant habitat for a lot of our birds in the United Kingdom. We get birds ranging from robins, blackbirds, wrens, chaffinch, starlings, finches, song thrush (which are slowly becoming extinct), sparrows and a variation of tits.

With so many trees being cut down for numerous reasons, it is our job to ensure we provide as many nesting homes as possible for our birds.

It came very well wrapped in bubble wrap and secured with brown parcel paper in a very solid and sturdy box. It was really great to see no expense was spared in making sure this bird box did not get damaged in transit.

Upon opening the bubble wrap, I noticed straight away just how very robust, strong and sturdy it was. It is a really gorgeous and beautiful shade of blue which adds a delightful pop of colour to the garden. The fixture on the box for securing it to the wall is also very strong and robust and made me feel confident to know that it would fit safely and securely without it falling off the wall.

I particularly love the entrance hole. It is metal which is a genius idea as it means the birds can fly in and out safely without catching themself on any wood on the edge of the hole. Again, this is very strong and robust. I know I have mentioned that a few times but this is very important to ensure the structure of the bird box is safe, secure and sturdy.

Inside the box is a lovely snug space for the birds and their babies with plenty of height.

It has a side panel which you can safely open by moving the metal lever which enables you to open and close it. This will allow you to keep the box clean when birds have fled their nests and it is safe to do so. This must not be done during the nesting season. It is important to clean out the box’s due to potential parasites. This may prevent birds coming back in the future to nest, so a nice clean box is always a good idea to help them feel comfortable to come back time after time.

As with all our other bird box’s, we placed this one high up on the wall in our garden. This helps to avoid predators such as cats and foxes getting to the birds. It is positioned outside in such a way that we can see it from our living room. There has not been any activity as yet but I am confident there will be as it is very early days since putting it up.

We also have a seating area in the garden which gives us a perfect view of bird box, so when you purchase this, think about where you want to place it, both from the safety of the bird and if you want to watch and observe. What a great way to enjoy sitting back, listening to and watching the birds in your garden knowing you have helped provide them as safe and secure home for them to next in. It really does not come better than that and is a fantastic way to enjoy your garden too.

Blue house with beige roof top


1 x bird nest with fixture and fittings

MEASUREMENTS – Approximately
W 4.5 x H 8 x D 4.5 inches
W 11.18 x H20.32 x D11.18 centimetres
W 111.8 x H 203.2 x D111.8 millimetres

GOOD TO KNOW – Details taken from the company’s website
Same Day dispatch if you order before 2pm
5% discount off your first order
10% discount off your first order when you sign up and subscribe.
Tracked 24 UK delivery

634 kg

At the time of typing my review, I found this at an amazing price for just £12.99 excluding delivery which is £3.99 within the United Kingdom. If you spend £20.00 or more, you get a FREE 1kg of No Wheat Seed Mix. This is perfect you bird feeders too. You can purchase the bottle direct from Awesome Wildlife Company by clicking on the following link:- https://awesomewildlifeco.co.uk/collections/bird-nest-boxes/products/beach-hut-nest-box-mid-blue

We all love social media and what with most of us on it now-a-days, I was somewhat disappointment to see just how little Awesome Wildlife Company’s content was. I have provided the links to what I have managed to research below:-

Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/awesomewildlifeco
Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/awesomewildlifeco/
Website:- https://awesomewildlifeco.co.uk/
Email:- Could not find one
Online Queries:- https://awesomewildlifeco.co.uk/pages/contact
Tel:- Could not find one
Opening Hours:- Could not find these details
Address:- Could not find these details

Rating: 5/5

An absolutely great bird box for any bird wanting to nest ready for their babies.

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