Little Signers BSL Signed Story Books For Kids, Out Of My Window & Our Farmyard Friends Review


Reviewed by Dottie Rood

I am really pleased to be reviewing another two books from the series, Little Signers Club BSL Signed Story Books for kids, Out of My Window, 3rd in the series and Our Farmyard Friends, 1st in the series. They are lovely books that have a very sensible plastic coating, not only on the front but also on all pages, making them robust and long lasting. The illustrations are really clear and the signs concise and easy to follow, all round very usable books.

Out of my Window is written by Sue Searle, it is illustrated by Chris Hammond and Cath Smith produces the sign language graphics. This is a transport themed I-spy journey for children that incorporates beautiful pictures, a jaunty fun ‘rhyme’ and illustrated key signs at the bottom of the page. The story gently takes us through towns and country sides coming across lots of different forms of transport including lorries, fire engines, police, plus cars, trains, and different ways to travel, all the things most children love and recognise.

Our Farmyard Friends is also written by Sue Searle, it is illustrated by Chris Hammond and the sign language graphics are produced by Cath Smith. This book follows the busy farmer on her evening journey across the fields. On the way she picks up all the very tired animals that are looking forward to bedtime, some of the antics and silly things that follow are really funny and had my grandson (and myself) laughing out loud! It has a predictability and repetition that is loved by children making the signs become more and more familiar.

These books (and the two others in the series, Animal ABC and At the Bottom of my Garden) are lovely stories and rhymes in their own right but adding signs just takes them to a new level. The benefits to introducing sign language to all children are numerous:

Hand/Eye Coordination: In a child’s formative years this is crucial as it enhances their fine motor skills that gets them ready for writing, gain independence when doing zips and buttons, holding cutlery, dressing themselves, the list is endless. Fine motor skills encouraged when using sign language also fosters a deep connection between language and gesture.

Faster processing: Children respond much quicker to things they see rather than things they hear, for example when we tell a young child to stop we often use our hand as well, in that moment they will see the hand not hear the words.
Attention and observation: Children’s skills in this area will be developed each time they follow these lovely stories and use the signs to accompany them. Sign language gives them a way of joining in the story even if they are unsure of the spoken word. This will help them with their comprehension, as well as showing, in their own way, how good their recall can be.

Language and Literacy: Dual language books provide a strong foundation for the development of language and literacy in children, it enables them to begin to understand that language and the ability to communicate comes in different forms. It allows them to use all their bodies with facial expressions and gestures.

Confidence and Independence: When children find a way to communicate their confidence grows, sign language can help enormously.

Sign language gives children another language, gives them another layer of learning and it often, “just makes sense to small children-it feels so ‘right’ in what it depicts and they have an instinctive grasp of it,” (quote from Shelly Enos). I would recommend these books for all children and think they would make a lovely gift.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.49

This product can be purchased from here and other good retail stores.

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