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Reviewed by Michelle Jenkinson

Mine and my friend’s family attended the reopening of the brand new play area at Queen Victoria Brewers Fayre in Burnley on Saturday 27th July. Queen Victoria is within half hours walking distance of our home which appeals to us as we do not drive. However if you do drive then it is easy to get to and there is ample parking space. Situated across from a Premier Inn and opposite Queens Park and close to Thompsons Park the location of the Brewers Fayre is well placed.

We arrived around 10:30am and were greeted by a PR woman who told us a little about what was happening. We were then greeted by a member of staff who showed us to our table and helped to lift my friend’s pram up some steps to where we had been seated. Like most places there is little space for prams as the assumption is that people drive. With five children in our party of age’s four, three, two and two babies at 5 months the pre-booked table was not the most accommodating for our needs.

Once settled we went to the play area which was already quite busy. The staff were all very pleasant and well mannered. Once the children had wrist bands on and we had signed them in they went off to play.

My first impressions were that I liked the new tables and that it would be easier for families to sit down and have a drink and food while watching their children play. Behind the counter there was some high back seating for parents/carers to sit on while watching the children play.

I was very pleased when I saw that they had made the toddler area slightly bigger. The addition of steps and slide and the other amendments to the toddler area is much better then how it was previously. The baby walkers however could be a safety hazard as there is not enough room for them and since these are not recommended by health professionals, I’m not sure they are best situated in a play area. The older section has also been tweaked and the play area appeared to be freer flowing the kids definitely didn’t have any complaints as they ran in one end and popped out of the other end a short while later.

There were a number of grabber and toy machines all lined up against one wall which was quite distracting for some of the children. These do take up quite a bit of space and with a small play area these could do with being moved and either being left as open space or more high back seating placed along the wall.

Part of the play area has been changed into a little room with some plastic children’s chairs, high back seating, bean bags on the floor and a big flat screen television on the wall. Face painting was being done in there on the day though I imagine this will be a little area that they would possibly hold parties in. Previously I would not really have considered having a children’s party there as the play area didn’t really cater to my children’s ages it was more aimed at older children though now I would consider holding a party there as the changes have made it more appealing.

As mentioned previously it is not the biggest of play areas and if there are a lot of children in the restaurant then it would reach capacity quickly.

After playing for about an hour we went to sit down and wait for the food. While I fed my five month my boys sat colouring in masks of Gnasher that had been left outside the play area with crayons for people to pick up.

Food was served around noon and was enjoyed by all and it was noted that there have been improvements to the standard of the food. We all enjoyed our burgers very much. We were impressed by the kids meals the cod apult and popin chicken were both of great quality and my eldest enjoyed his hot dog. The refill drinks are well worth the money if you are wanting to have more than one drink.

When it came to the desserts these took a long time to come and we had to chase them up a couple of times. A table that were severed there main course after us received their dessert a good 15 minutes before us. Having been to Queen Victoria before I know that they are usually quite prompt with their service and it did seem that there may have been a slight mix up with the pre-orders for the event. Even though we were waiting quite a while the desserts went down well with all.

The food is good value for money even more so through the week when you can order two mains for £10.00 and certain puddings for £2.00 each. The kids meals are a good portion enough for a child or adult with a small appetite and with the option to upgrade to two courses for an extra 50p or three courses for an extra £1.00 they are really good value for money. Who can complain at paying 50p for a chocolate brownie and ice cream.

It was noted though that the adult mains and puddings were brought out first and we all felt that children’s meals and desserts should be brought out before the adults. Kids don’t like to wait especially chocolate mad three year olds. I nearly lost my chocolate fudge cake to my three year old as he waited for his to be brought out which came out last.

Overall we were pleased with our visit to Queen Victoria and would recommend to others.

Rating: 4/5

For more information, to view menus or to book a table visit:

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4 Star

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