Pixie Lott Live at Warrington Festival Review

PixieLottPixie Lott Live
Warrington Festival

19 September 2015


Reviewed by Louise Turton

I travelled to the concert with a very excited 10 year old daughter as this was her first music concert, not really knowing what to expect myself as never having been into Warrington and not knowing the area particularly well. I need not have worried as the journey was an easy 30 minute travel from home (North Wales), parking was ample and the venue easy to locate.

The setting for the concert was in the Bank Park, which is next to the Pyramid & Parr Hall, the main entertainment venue in the centre of the town. Luckily luck was with us and the organisers as the evening was warm and sunny-perfect for an outdoor concert. We found the box office and were greeted by a friendly member of staff who issued us with a press pack, VIP wristbands and we joined the growing queue waiting to get into the park.

Upon entering the park we located the VIP tent (as you can imagine, my daughter was feeling very special being an important person) and collected our drinks. The tent was set up of a few tables with chairs, and an area outside consisting of hay bales to sit upon, this is where we chose to sit and I familiarised myself with the press pack. It consisted of an itinerary of the evening, a page dedicated to each of the acts performing – 4 in all, and a description of the Warrington Festival. I found this most informative as I was previously unaware of the festival but will definitely look into further events in the future.

By now the park was filling although not uncomfortably so and the atmosphere was fun and festival like. We had a wander around while we waited for the first act to begin. Behind the tent were some porta loos and at the back of the park were a few food and drink stands, selling do nuts, churros, crisps, sweets and both alcoholic and soft drinks, all seeming very reasonably priced. We bought a few goodies to enjoy, headed back to the tent and settled down for the first singer.

Ellie Dibben came onto stage at 18.30. She is a young 17 year old, who for her age was confident and assured. She sang a mixture of her own pop songs and a few covers by the likes of Taylor Swift. She engaged well with the younger members of the crowd, even to the point of after having performed her set, throwing wrist bands to the crowd and walking the park for photos, my daughter is the proud owner of a wrist band and photo-a very happy lady!

At around 19.10 Viola Beach started to perform. They are an up and coming four piece group who have recently released their first single which they performed alongside other material. They were on stage for about 25 minutes and very much a crowd pleaser.

The atmosphere in the park was fantastic by now and the next act definitely took it up a notch again. Kiera Weathers is from St Helens and having appeared on X Factor the previous week even I felt a thrill at seeing someone I had recently seen on television, and wow what a performer. She was on stage for about 30 minutes and sang songs ranging from Amy Winehouse, Tina Turner- Rolling Down The River, to Beyonce-Listen. Fabulous and we are looking forward to watching her continuing progress on TV.

By now it was dark which added to the aura of the evening, alongside the knowledge that the star of the show was about to appear. We made our way towards the stage and although had previously chosen to watch from the VIP area found that getting close enough to see was no problem at all. I cannot praise the crowd highly enough, everyone was in high spirits and all wanted to make sure that my daughter could see.

Pixie Lott came on stage and straight away had everyone enthralled. The close proximity to the stage added to the ambience and she performed a variety of her songs including Mama Do, Cry Me Out, Gravity and Break Up Song which had the crowd dancing or swaying along accordingly. The highlight of the evening had to be the finale where Pixie was joined on stage by The Warrington Signing Choir to perform Turn It Up- magical!!

This truly was a brilliant evening for both myself and my daughter. The intimate but open atmosphere of the park alongside the mixture of families, couples and young people, all there for a good night, made for a wonderful evening and the perfect place for my daughter to enjoy her first concert, an evening that I know we will both never forget.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For more information about events at Warrington Festival visit www.warringtonfestival.org.

For more information about Pixie Lott visit www.pixielott.com.


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