PetSafe FunKitty Egg-Cersizer Cat Toy Review

Reviewed by Jenny Seymour

This novel way of feeding you cat comes in a small compact package with some neat instructions:  not that it needs many instructions – you fill up the plastic egg with treats or dry food and set the hole size depending upon how easily you want your cat to be able to access the treats! Then, you set it on the floor near your cat and watch them investigate and play!

It’s a bit like a small hamster ball in appearance, but with treats inside. 

My cat was immediately interested and began pawing the egg, which soon then moved around. I was a bit mean at first and hardly had the holes open at all, but my crafty clever little cat managed to get his paws in and open the hole a little wider (either that or my treats were too small he he!). The idea is actually the opposite – you should set the holes quite wide at first to teach them how it works and then gradually over time, set the challenge more difficult and close the holes a bit. However, I knew my lazy cat would soon lose interest if he wasn’t able to get those treats after a little bit of work! As I say, my plan was foiled, as he managed to get the treats although I was still pleased because it was only after some exercise!!!

The novelty did wear off after a little while, so I took the egg away and just bring it out whenever I want my cat to have a treat. As with any toy, sometimes he lacks interest and other times he’s eager to play and get his treat, but this is a nice alternative to cat nip toys and a novel way to exercise your cat for a treat!

You can also use this egg-cersizer for any full meal of dry food of course (I wouldn’t recommend it for wet food – it would be splatted all around the house!). This means you encourage your cat to work for their meal and reward their exercise. There is a risk with a whole meal though, that as he gets full, he doesn’t eat everything that comes out of the egg, so I’d recommend you close a door on the room that the cat is allowed to bat the egg around when it is full. If there are only a few treats inside, this is less of an issue.

The egg is dishwasher-safe (in the top rack), so easily cleaned after use and is quite small for storage.

A good way to incentivise your sleepy cat to get active for his treats or dry food!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £8.99

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