Tesco Finest Mother’s Day Treats Review

Rose Champagne and Red Wine

Tesco Finest

Reviewed by Emma Rogers

Mother’s Day can be easy for some people; they know exactly what mums like (wine, chocolates, flowers) or if like me, you have the most difficult mum to buy for in the world, then you’ll need a little inspiration, or a lot of help!

Tesco Finest have some great ideas for anyone buying for mum, including rose champagne and South African Cinsault, a medium bodied red.

We were sent both to test, and of course, the first one we tried was the champagne! I don’t normally buy supermarket champagne so this one surprised me. It’s not often you get rose champagne which has the balance the Premier Cru Rose Champagne (RRP: £23) does but I really enjoyed this variety. Light bubbles, pale rose hue and not the acerbic taste you sometimes get with the branded champagnes, this is easy to drink and not too sweet. I especially liked the bubbles and the fact it didn’t have any heaviness. It makes a nice change to just any old wine and is a lot like Prosecco, but mums will love it because, well, it’s champagne!

I tried this with my mum and she loved it. It’s easy to drink and very pleasing. You could buy this as a one-off Mother’s Day present or as part of a bigger present or hamper in combination with other gifts. It could be drunk as a treat on a Friday night, it wouldn’t be out of place. The fizziness might go to your head though!

The second wine we tried was the complete opposite but perfect for mums who are red wine drinkers. The South African Cinsault (RRP: £7.50) is an underrated grape which is smoother than most reds with a slight fruity taste and berries flavour. Not as heavy as a merlot, it has a deep red colour but like the champagne it’s slightly lighter than you’d expect. Don’t think that it doesn’t have a strong taste though because it does, and it would go well with a sharp cheese, pate or a meal. I think usual red drinkers would be able to drink this on its own though because the flavour is such a well-balanced medium bodied wine.

My mum tried this wine too (don’t worry, it wasn’t on the same night as the rose champagne!) and as a non-red wine drinker she said she really enjoyed it and that she could drink this all night very easily. I would buy this as a bottle on its own for Mother’s Day, but not as a crate of 6 or more, and it’s especially good as it’s Fairtrade too. It’s a screw cap bottle so you can keep this over several nights and mix it up with other wines or nibbles. Maybe a good Mother’s Day present for mum’s who only like the occasional tipple?

Tesco’s Finest range have many other Mother’s Day presents available online and instore at a range of prices.

Rating: 5/5

For more information. to find your nearest Tesco store or to buy, visit www.tesco.com.

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