PetSafe Easysport Harness


Reviewed by Helen Noble

When I was given the opportunity to review this item I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.  I had been looking for a harness to fit my wriggly cockapoo puppy that is not only quick and easy to fit without ending up in knots but is also comfortable and secure for him to wear.  It arrived well packaged and on opening my dog some how knew exactly what was in side before I even managed to get it out of the box, he was jumping about so excited to try it on, think he also knew it was possibly walkies time.

I have tried a good few well known branded harnesses of different shapes and designs, but the easysport harness beats them hands down, the head collar has elasticated sides for ease and comfort, you simply slip this over their head, then from under the belly the straps clip to the top at either side with the quick snap buckles, as quick and easy as that.  It is made from a robust nylon fabric that is padded under the belly and around the straps. The straps are easily adjustable so to give a nice snug fit around the body, “”the shape of the harness fits my dog without nipping under the front legs so no chance of rubbing or matting of the fur.

It can be used during walks by attaching a lead to the d ring situated on the back, I do think it could possibly benefit from having a d ring on the front too so you have more walking options.  It has a handy easy grip handle which I used to help me lift him into the car, the seat belt can be threaded through the handle and clipped in or a seat belt clip can be attached to the d ring to secure for safe in car travelling, The easy to grab handle is an excellent feature if you need to control your dog quickly and safely when out and about.

On the PetSafe website it advices you how to measure your dog and displays an easy to read size chart with the girth measurements and examples of the breed of dog the harness sizes will fit. My dog measured 47cm so being in between sizes I had a choice of extra small or small, been only 8 months old he still has plenty of growing to do therefore I went for the larger of the two sizes so it would last him longer. It comes in a variety of colours these are black, blue, green, pink, and red, they have a lovely reflective trim edge so to be seen in the dark.

Whilst out and about on our walk I never felt like he would be able to back out of the harness due to its perfect fit that has been known to happen with other harnesses.

Not only me but my dog would highly recommend this harness.

Rating: 5/5
RRP: starting at £14.99
This product can be purchased from PetSafe here.

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