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Reviewed by Lauren O’Hara

As a family we love these books. We have already purchased each of our boys books from the ‘Lost My Name’ series and they both love reading them over and over. When the chance to review some more of the wonderful books from came up I quickly put my name forward! I was able to choose the books my little boys would love and there are so many on the website I could have chosen. In the end I chose two books for my two, almost three year old, and one for my five year old. All of their books can be personalised with their names added and the character’s features to match your child’s (hair colour etc) You can also add one of their dedications or white your own.

The website is so user friendly and very easy to use. There are sections for age groups, Early years (0-3 years old), Starting school (3-6 years old) and Growing readers (6+ years old). It makes it so easy to choose a book based on your child’s reading level. The two stories I choose for my almost 3 year old are both suitable for children 0-4 years old and the one for my 5 year old is for children aged 4-10 years.

Since we are in lockdown and homeschooling our two boys, books are a big hit. These books have helped us fill some of the time while being at home. I will review each of the books individually below.

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name:

It was actually Nanny and Grandad who bought our eldest son this book 4 years ago. We loved it so much that when our second son was born we had to buy him one as well. The books bring the reader along on an adventure to find the little boy’s lost name discovering each letter at a time. It is so cute when it clicks at the end and they realise the letters found throughout the story actually spells their name!

Where Are You…?:
This book was bought for my five year old and he loves it! We still haven’t finished it because there is so much to find in each page. He loves that it has his name on the cover and seeing himself as the different professions. There is a sequel to this book, Where are you…? A Journey Through Time and since my little boy loved the first so much we will definitely be ordering this one in the future.

Happy Birthday To You:

This was bought for my 2 year old whose third birthday is next week. I love that he will have a personalised book to celebrate his third birthday in lockdown. I was able to personalise the dedication to include this and he will be able to look back in the future and have a reminder of this very unique time! This book is similar to the Lost Name books. It goes through each letter of their name (B is for Bee and R is for Rabbit) to spell their whole name at the end. It is really good for letter recognition and my little boy loves practicing his letters in a fun way by reading this book.

Bedtime for You:

Who doesn’t love a bedtime story? I ordered this for my youngest because one of my favourite times in the day is cuddling in the chair and reading a bedtime story with him. Just like the other books you can add a dedication and personalise the character to resemble your child. This book helps with number recognition by counting down the animals in the books 5-1. My little boy enjoys counting the animals and pointing to the numbers. It is also great for name recognition because his name is printed in the pages throughout the story.

Both of my boys love reading and our bookshelves are overflowing. It is hard to pick a special book that is going to stand out among the others. All of these books have been picked up and read daily since we have gotten them and I can’t see them becoming tired of them. If you are looking for something special for a birthday or just because these books are perfect and could be saved and handed down to future generations!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £21.99
These books can be purchased from Wonderbly here.

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