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Personalised Boys’ Rag Doll Norman Knight Review

RagDollNormanKnightPersonalised Boys’ Rag Doll
Norman Knight

Reviewed by Zahra Escott

I was very excited to receive this item as we are very much a cuddly toy household. Also my three year old son is just at that magic age where he starts to immerse himself in a world of pretend, filled with dragons and fairies and this rag doll I thought would fit into that world effortlessly. When he arrived, very swiftly I might add, my son acted just as I imagined. He was excited to see this knight that could help him slay the dragons, I wish I could see too. He promptly took him off me and they have been inseparable all day.

Now to get down to the nitty gritty. The knight himself looks exactly how a knight should look. I love the fact that the clothes can be removed although that might become a little tedious for the parent after the millionth time of dressing and undressing him at the child’s request. Which leads me to my first fault, the helmet can be removed yet the knight’s hair doesn’t actually cover his whole head. In fact it is only attached rather loosely to the top of his head and I think a few more times of my son taking the helmet off and on he might be rendered hairless. Toddlers aren’t known for their gentleness. Also the hems of the clothes are a little untidy and on our cape there is a row of tiny holes where it looks like it’s been sewn and then been unstitched. I’m not sure if this was just a mistake with our particular item or if it’s more widespread. And lastly our face isn’t symmetrical as on one side it’s sewn quite far from the cheek and yet the other side is sewn right through the cheek.

All that said though all these little niggles are more cosmetic than anything else and certainly doesn’t matter to my son. Apart from the slight hair issue it’s a very robust toy yet soft enough that a small baby could snuggle it before they are old enough to share their own world of pretend. The knight comes with a detachable red cape that is fastened with a bow which also has the option to be personalised which is an aspect I love. He also has a black belt with white buckle, grey trousers, white tunic that has grey sleeves and a red cross on the front and a grey helmet. All of these can be removed which I think is also a fantastic aspect.

Overall I think this is a good toy despite the few cosmetic issues I’ve covered. Definitely a friend to last my son for years to come. No doubt he will be in bed tonight with him helping him to chase the bed dreams away too.

We received Norman Knight to review but Peter Pirate and Simon Soldier are also available.


Rating: 4/5

RRP: £16 (+£4 to add personalisation to the doll)

Available to buy from Not on the High Street here.

4 Star

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