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Peppa Pig Garden Playhouse Watering Can Grow and Play Set Review


Reviewed by Laura S

With the Summer holidays and good weather here, it is time to be thinking of fun activities for the children to do and more importantly, that do not involve an electronic device. 

Peppa Pig Garden Playhouse Watering Can is perfect for family fun over the Summer holiday. 

This set is ideal for a summer adventure with Peppa Pig. 

The set includes:

-a watering can

-Red Swiss Chard Seeds

-tyre swing

-Peppa Pig figure

-Mrs Duck figure

As expected, the watering can & accessories are in the traditional bright Peppa Pig colours and easily identifiable as being Peppa Pig. The set is going to bring a lot of excitement to Peppa enthusiasts. 

I have a Peppa Pig-obsessed four-year-old who was keen to open the Playhouse Watering Can and set it up. 

She quickly opened the brightly coloured decorated box and knew where to put all the different parts, such as the tyre swing, Peppa and the fence. 

Once the watering can was set up, it was time to soak the Red Swiss Chard Seeds for 24hours before sowing them.

She didn’t lose interest whilst the seeds were soaking as she enjoyed playing with the watering can and figures. We already had a few different figures from Peppa Pig, who also joined in the fun. Peppa and her friends are enjoying their adventures with the watering can.

We love the tyre swing, and this brought so much enjoyment. 

I like that the pot for the chard is removable from the watering can, so the watering can be used still, either for role-play or as an actual watering can. She did enjoy watering the plants around the house, aka an excuse to mess with water. 

The set didn’t come with a bag of soil, which I expected to have. Luckily I had some spare at home but not something I always have. I know my daughter would have been very disappointed if she hadn’t been able to plant the seeds as this was the main activity. 

The Swiss Chard started growing quickly, and our first harvest will be ready after 11 days. We love watching it grow and that it is growing so quickly, therefore not losing any interest. She is very proud of her growing seeds and tending to the pot several times per day. 

The instructions were apparent and easy to follow. I liked the fun nutrition fact and that it contains other ideas of things to grow. Plus, other growing kits that are available to add to the collection. 

The size details are H27.5, W18.5, D12cm.

The recommended age is three years+: I felt this was accurate due to the small pieces. 

Overall I give the Peppa Pig Garden Playhouse Watering Can Grow and Play Set 4.5 out of 5.

My four-year-old has enjoyed playing it, watering the plants and watching the seeds grow. It’s a great summer activity to do at home & quality time together.

The play-set can easily be reused many times as it is made of solid plastic. We are going to grow basil in it next. 

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £17

This product can be purchased from Argos here.

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